Which are the best tools for US And non-US eBay dropshipping sellers?

the best tools for US And non-US eBay dropshipping sellers

Hello eBay dropshippers in this article I’m going to be answering a question that I get quite a lot which is Which are the best tools for non-US eBay dropshipping sellers?

My favorite dropshipping tools are DSM tool, SKU Grid, PriceMatiK, and the list goes on, but out of all of them that this has been the best one I’ve used, the easiest to use and the best price point. I’m going to explain to you how they’re different from one another and what their pricing formats are, and right off the bat there is no best eBay drop shipping software and I know a lot of you are like oh no that’s not true, this one’s the best, the best look like depending on you, maybe there is a piece of software that is the best for you but there is no one software that is the best for everybody. So depending on your situation, you are going to have different interests, are you a US or non-US eBay drop shipping seller, you are going to have different needs and different software will work better and it’s really hard to kind of find of good information about different products.

1# Infini

Infini ebay drospshipping software

The first tool I’m going to show you is Infini and the reason I’m showing you Infni first is that it is the cheapest and I think that Infini is best for somebody who’s beginning into drop shipping because it has a lister and Repricer.

A Lister means that it’s going to allow you to list product faster and a Repricer means that you’re going to have some inventory management so that means that they’re going to look at the software is going to look at the stock of the items that you post at your source and it’s going to see is it still in stock and has the price changed and if it goes out of stock it’s going to take your eBay listing out of stock and if the price changes then it’s going to change your eBay listing.

The drawbacks to Infini there are two big ones in my opinion, one is that it’s not as fin tuned as the other software and honestly it’s a little bit frustrating sometimes but it’s is less then half the price of all the other options like Infini that cost you 50 bucks, HydraLister and SKU Gird costs  $100 with a thousand listing and up to like two hundred and fifty bucks, if you have more than a thousand listings and DS Genie cost on hundred and fifty bucks, so Infini is half the price of everything else or a third of the price, if you don’t have much startup capital it’s a good starting product but it’s not something that I would recommend to somebody who really knows what they’re doing and you’ve gotten the hang of things and you know about what products sell and you’ve got experience posting things, I recommend you use a different eBay dropshipping software, but you know you could just keep using Infini because it’s cheap and the thing is that no matter how many listings you have the repricer stays the same price and that is very unique because typically a repricer cost more and more based on the number of listing that you have.

So Infini is a lister and Repricer that’s cheap so it’s affordable but it’s good.

2# HydraLister

heydra lister ebay dropshipping software

Hydra Lister is what I have the most experience using, Hydra Lister for the lister cost $80 a month and unlike the other ones, Hydra isn’t so much a suite, so we have Infini, DS Genie, Hydra lister and PriceMatik, everything except Hydra lister is a suite of software, so that means that it has it’s not just a lister, it’s a lister a repricer and maybe a scraper, a suite is a piece of software or website that allows you to do multiple different things with your e-commerce store, so Hydra Lister is just a lister and PriceMatik also does that, the difference with Hydra Lister though is that Hydra Lister is the same company that own SKU Grid, so SKU Grid is a repricer so to get the Hydra lister and SKU Grid are suite in a sense because they’re owned by the same company but there are separate websites unlike all three of these other options which have a lister and every repricer included kind of the web site, so Hydra Lister costs $80 a month and SKU Grid costs basic plan is $15 and it’s kind of misleading here, because SKU Grid if we go the pricing you will see that SKU Grid shows like monthly plans and makes it look like you pay a set fee every month, the reality is what’s happening is you’re paying for credits, you are purchasing credits, every time SKU Grid prices an item, checks an item changes something, changes stock, it’s going to use up a credit, so SKU Grid cost more, the more load you put on their servers, so if you have a bigger store then it’s going to cost you more, if you check you items more frequently it’s going to cost you more. I don’t actually recommend that you have your items checked more than once a day, because checking your items every hour it doesn’t make that big of a difference and I know this because I run a store with like 7,000 items and through a series of events I lost my repricing for a month, I was running a store with that many items without any inventory management and what I learned is it actually takes about a week for the out of stocks and Repricers to start really racking up, so if you checking out twice a day instead of once a day but every hour every four hours I don’t recommend that you pay to have your items checked more because, in my opinion, you’re wasting your money, but if it makes you feel safe great.
We’ve talked a little bit about Hydra Lister it’s good, you know about their price point so we have Infini that’s 50 bucks and we have Hydra and SKU Gird which together is about a hundred, it’ll get a little bit more expensive if you have a big store but not by a whole lot, when I was running my huge bulk store, now I run a bulk store with 10,000 items, but I used to run a bookstore with 80,000 items and having all of those items checked once per day cost me roughly $300 a month, so it scales pretty well because honestly PriceMatik for 1,000 listings it’s a 100 bucks for 25,000 listings $580, I had 80,000 listings in one of my stores so no way that PriceMatik worth it to me, I run in that kind of bulk format but most people don’t use bulk, so we’ve talked about Infini, talked a bit about Hydra and SKU Grid, all these software’s enable you to get a URL of an item and post it, it’s going to speed up the posting process and some of this software has what’s called a scraper or scanning, basically what you do is you enter a seller on eBay, you find their username and then you enter them into the tool and then it’ll scan their products and figure out which ones are selling and then spit out a list and then you just post products that somebody else has already sold and you can undercut them, if you do you’re going to get more sales but even if you don’t undercut because you’re starting from the beginning posting items that somebody else already sold, even if you post them more expensive you’re still going to get more sales than if you’re just guessing what to sell.

3# PriceMatik

pricematik ebay dropshipping software

PriceMatik, in my opinion, is the most professional eBay drop shipping software for non-US resident dropshippers, it’s also the fastest, when it comes to listing items if you set everything up right on PriceMatik and you’re trying to make optimized listings you just enter, click the category, optimize the title and it’s posted.

The thing with PriceMatik is expensive, it is the basic version of it is a hundred dollars a month, and keep in mind this includes inventory and the reason that is more expensive if you have more listings is because the Repricer, if you have more listings then you’re putting more load on their servers, so you having more listing doesn’t change anything about the listing itself that you’re paying for, so the reason that it goes up is because of the Repricer.
PriceMatik does have a free plan that you can use but this just to create items and it is only with Amazon, so you can use PriceMatik to just make items on eBay that are sourced from Amazon, but you don’t have any inventory management, so in order to work around that you’d have to manually export stuff into a program like SKU Grid, literally what I do is I’m making a store of a thousand items using the free trial of PriceMatik then my free trial ends and then I just put everything in SKU Grid so I never actually paid for PriceMatik, I may pay for it at some point but for now that’s what I did, because that’s kind of the cheapest way that you can make an eBay store and then have it managed is to use PriceMatik free and then to use SKU Grid to just check the items because SKU Grid does not post items, all it does is check the stock of your existing items. What I can say is that PriceMatik is the most professional lister but it is really expensive, I think it’s the fastest tool that I’ve used but I don’t pay for it because I don’t think that it’s worth me paying for at the moment because I use Hydralister in bulk post and that’s way more profitable per time spent than and it’s more interesting to me.

The problem with those programs is you can’t eliminate most of them but what you’ll find on the internet is there are tons of people complaining all the time constantly about those eBay dropshipping tools, but you should take everything with a grain of salt, don’t pay attention to any of it unless you experiencing the problem yourself.

Also don’t leave social media to determine what you think is the problem because people love to complain and they like to complain more than they like to work, so take everything that people say with a grain of salt.

4# DS Genie

dsgenie ebay dropshipping software

DS Genie is a software suite just like others that includes repricing and some other things are actually has a bunch of tools, it has a slider that lets you figure out what items to post as a sniper there’s a whole bunch of stuff in DS Genie that it can do.

That it actually takes a while to figure out how to learn and in my opinion DS Genie it’s one of the better software and it’s really good for beginners and that’s because the mistake most beginners make is that they waste huge amounts of time trying to figure out what to post, when you start, you need to be posting items because if you’re not posting items you’re not going to generate sales, so at the beginning you should just post  items  over and over again even if you think it’s not worth posting because remember any time you think that an item isn’t worth posting that could actually mean that it is worth posting because most people also think that, which that there’s less competition, so it’s not as simple as you think it is and I really encourage you to try everything and try every style of item. Ds Genie will tell you if the item has sold at least 4 times and the one, kind of downside with DS Genie is that is expensive, it’s 150 bucks, so it’s not as expensive as PriceMatik for big store but it’s more expensive three times that Infini and it’s more expensive than HydraLister and SKU Gird so if you have a huge eBay store you’re probably not going to use DS Genie because it doesn’t do bulk.

So, in my opinion, there is no best software, but let me explain to you what I think each one is best at, if you are brand-new into drop shipping and you just want to be able to post items very quickly and you want a Repricer, I think Infini is a good platform for you because it’s going to allow you to post items very quickly, it’s going to speed the process up and it’s going to have a Repricer and as you post more items it’s not going to become more expensive it is the same set price. If you are a beginner and you have more money to spend then I recommend DS Genie because it’s going to eliminate the kind of uncertainty about what you should post, it’s going to enable you to just be efficient and keep posting items and keep working, it’s going to make it easier to do instead of wasting your time thinking about what to post whereas Infini is harder, you’re going to spend more time thinking about what to post as new person but Infini is one third the cost of DS Genie so each one has its benefit. And I think that PriceMatik is the best lister and think that is best if you are an optimizer and you want to post items and I’m still earning money using PriceMatik.

I think Infini and DS Genie is best for beginners, and DS Genie as a person you drop ship a lot you can use it and earn a lot of money but I think that it particularly it makes it easier to earn money at the beginning when you have a smaller account.

Infini is just kind of the cheapest option you have basically, and we have PriceMatik which is the best for optimizing but again it’s expensive, HydraLister honestly is best for bulk listing which is what many eBay dropshippers do to get more sales, the advantage to bulk is that if you do it right you can earn good money in very little time, it will take you 30 minutes a day as a result on a bad day you get like 2 or 3 sales, on a good day you get like 15 to 20 it varies and that it just in one store and you can create many stores as you can. This a list of the best tools for US And non-US eBay drop shipping sellers:

I hope this has helped you guys about what different eBay drop shipping software options you have. If you like this article subscribes to my newsletter and shares it with other dropshippers and if you have an idea about any new eBay dropshipping tool please leave it in a comment I will add it to my list.


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