3 Ways You Can Help You Fix Slow eBay Sales 2019

3 Ways You Can Help You Fix Slow eBay Sales 2019

If your eBay sales have been slow then I have 3 steps action plan to help you reboot your sales. About a month ago, I saw a dramatic drop in my ebay sales, now we can speculate all day as to what happened, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is result, so I got to work and I created a three steps action plan that got my sales back up to where they were before and I want to share that with you today and make sure to stick around to the end of the post because I’m going to show you proof that actually does work in one of my ebay accounts, now I do believe that this action plan can help any type of ebay seller whether you’re a drop shipper, reseller thrifter but it’s not going to help you if you don’t have the right conduction in place, this means you need to set up your ebay store correctly and understand the fundamentals of selling on ebay, now if you are interested in starting an ebay dropshipping business a do an ebook that explains how to do that and that ebook you can get it by subscribing into my newsletter below, that shows you exactly how I started my million dollar ebay dropshipping business, so let’s get into the three steps right now, starting with step number one which is :

# Promoted listings!

Promoted listings are basically a way for you to pay to get your listing ranked higher in the search results, if you go to your eBay and search for “Essential Oil Diffuser” you’re going see that there are organic search results which are ranked based on eBay’s super-secret algorithm called Cassini but if you scroll down you’ll see ones that are called sponsored listing you can see this in this picture. These listing(sponsored listing) that people pay to get the first page.

sponsored listing ebay

How the ranked depends on how much the person is willing to pay and we’ll go over more of that in the article, you can look how powerful this listing, this listing would not have ranked on page one of the search results but now they do because they paid for the sponsored listing.

So even if you’re not able to get on page one, you can with a sponsor listing but you can get also doubled impressions (first one organic+second sponsored).

Impressions (the number of times your listing appears in a search result). More impressions –>More Clicks –> More sales. You should know that most buyers never go beyond page one of the search result, so this is so powerful in fact, yesterday 58% of my sales came from promoted listings make sure that you learn how to do promoted listings on your own and run promoted listing campaign of your own.

I know what a lot of you guys are thinking right now you’re probably thinking my profit margins are already so slim how can I afford to run a promoting listing campaign? Well what I found is that I’m still getting great results with this even after raising my prices so that it all evens out so I’ve raised my prices by one percent and run a promoted listing campaign for one percent, everything pretty much evens out, but I’m still getting more sales so that’s what I suggest you do as well, so those are the basics of how to run a promoted listing campaign, obviously you can get more complicated with this or much more complicated, for instance you can run campaigns just for items that aren’t ranking on page one of the search results, or items that only have high competition but I decided to keep it super simple for you guys because on what I told you is exactly what I’m doing and second we have two more steps to get to, so let’s get to step number two that has helped my sales a lot and that is to increase myself through rate.

# Sell Through Rate

Sell through rate : “a calculation, commonly represented as a percentage, comparing the amount of inventory a retailer receives from a manufacturer or supplier against what is actually sold to the customer” for ebay that means the number of listing that sold once /number of active listing in your store so let’s give an example: let’s say you have 80 listings that each sold at least once in the past month and you have a 100 active listings in your store, so 80 divided by 100 is 80% sell 3, now let’s say you have 80 listings that sold twice in the past month and you have a hundred actice listings in your store that’s still an 80% sell-through rate, remember the item has to sell at least once, you can never have a selkie rate that is more than a hundred percent, now ebay algorithm favors buyers with a higher seller rate so we want to keep it as close to a hundred percent as we can and the best way to do that is to delete what I call stale listings, stale listings are what I consider things haven’t sold at all in the past 60 days or items that haven’t sold in the past 30 days and are out of stock.

eBay really doesn’t like items that are out of stock, so if they are out of stock I’m going get rid of them fast than any other item, this require some work for you to do but spend a couple of days working on it, hire a virtual assistant to do it for you, have them do this on the first of each month or the same day of each month so that as you go forward you’re continually deleting these items from your store that isn’t selling well, now we have finally arrived at action step number three which is just keep twisting this has become a motto for my friends because they hear me say it so many times but I saved so many times because it’s so important, eBay really favors sellers who keep listing new items into their store.

3# Just Keep Listing

If you keep listing, eBay will be going to reveal to you new items that have the potential to become some of your best sellers so just keep listing into your store and it’s really going to help your store grow back up, so before I show you my result and proof that this does work, i do have a favor to ask if you’re getting value out of this article make sure to share with your friends and if you want more tips and tricks for eBay make sure to subscribe to my newsletter but let’s go inside my eBay account so I can show you proof that this actually is working :

ebay earning increase

I want you guys to take action, go ahead and run a promoted listing campaign, increase your cell through rate by deleting stale listings and just keep listing more items into your store, if you find that my how to fix slow eBay sales post got some value out, I would have really appreciated it if you share it and if you want more great content like this then you should subscribe to my newsletter and if you try everything in this article and it works for you let me know by leaving a comment below I would love to hear from you, take action to let me know how it works.

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