Remove Third-Party Authorizations From Your eBay Account Tutorial

Remove Third-Party Authorizations From Your eBay Account

Hello guys in this short article I’m going to teach you how to remove third-party authorizations from your eBay account!
Sometimes you use software with your eBay account and then you decide don’t want to use that software any longer, well in addition to cancelling your subscription with that software service, you also want to come into eBay and remove it from your eBay account and the way you do that is you come to your site preferences

ebay your site preferences

After that scroll down to the section that says “Third-party authorizations”

Third-party authorizations ebay

What you want to do is then find the third-party software that you don’t want to use any longer, so let’s say it’s “eBay asynchronous bulk relist” you just check off that one and click apply and it will be removed.

eBay asynchronous bulk relist

You see that there is a lot third party software that you don’t recognize, some of the names are pretty obvious and it’s very apparent what they are just by looking at it, but some of these you. Don’t know what they are, For example eBay bulk listing management, eBay Inc themselves, eBay business policies management, eBay bulk relist, eBay marketplace… a lot of these have been added by eBay itself and if you revoke the authorization, it will usually just get added back in automatically, so what you can do is just revoke all of them and eBay will add back in the ones that it needs to use later on or if you’re wondering what they are just searching for them, so I would copy for instance where it says “eBay Asynchronous Bulk Relist” copy that, search for it on Google and chances are in one of the forums somebody will tell you exactly what it means, but if you did want to get rid of it, just check it off, click apply, and then you’ll get a message

ebay third party authorizations

saying “Your changes have been saved and it might take a few minutes for your changes to be” shown below. If you liked this quick tip about eBay dropshipping make sure ti share this time with your drop shippers friend, and if you want to learn more about eBay just subscribe to my newsletter.

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