Tactics To Do eBay Returns That No One Will Tell You 2019

eBay Returns 2019

Today we’re going to talk about how to do returns eBay, first is everything to do with returns on eBay specifically, but this can also be applied to Amazon if you are dropshipper on either. eBay or Amazon is the common concern people have before they start doing drop shipping what about returns they’re very nervous about it and I understand that you want to know as much as possible before starting something like drop shipping, so today I decided to show you exactly how easy it is to deal with returns on eBay specifically but this can also be applied to Amazon.

When you first get a return on eBay it’s going to show up in one of two places, so you log into eBay you go to selling and this is the dummy account that I created just for teaching.

how to do returns ebay 1

So if you see that there are no sales that’s the reason why, so you’ll see on the left, it will tell you that you have a return, otherwise if you don’t want, if it’s not there, there’s chances that people will send you a message asking for return without actually opening a real case.

how to do returns ebay 2

so you come to your messages click on messages from members and somebody will send you saying they want to return the item, once you do that you just have to your source let’s say it’s a home depot for instance, you come on web site and you ask them to return the item with home depot.

how to do returns ebay 3
Source: HomeDepot.com

There is usually a chat that pops up on the right and that’s how you can do it, sometimes a chat doesn’t pop up so if you click track order on the top as you see here in the picture:

how to do returns ebay 4
Source: HomeDepot.com

That might make the home depot chat pop up, you can call them but I prefer to do over chat that way my virtual assistants can do it without having to call. When you open the chat box as you see here in the picture:

how to do returns ebay 6
Source: HomeDepot.com

you give them your name your email you click on submit. Then tell them you want to return the item.

How to do returns eBay With Walmart? you can just come over to Walmart top right click account, if you click on your orders that will allow you to actually ask for return for many of the items right there

how to do returns ebay 7

otherwise if it doesn’t give you the option to return it, click on help and then and then click on Walmart.com

how to do returns ebay 9
Source: Walmart.com

go through all steps choose the topic like returns exchanges

how to do returns ebay 10

and you can say why you want to return the item, then go through the steps, open up a chat and tell them you want to return it, that’s pretty easy so far right! You’ll see that what you’ll get after that is an email probably from FedEx or UPS, it’s going to look like this

how to do returns ebay 11

you click on “Get shipping label” pretty easy so far, it brings you to this website

how to do returns ebay 12

this is where you print out the shipping label, now obviously you don’t want to ship out the label because you don’t have the package, at this point you have a couple choices about how to actually get the label to the customer, if the customer message due and didn’t actually ask or didn’t actually open a return, then you could just come here as you see in the picture

how to do returns ebay 13

and copy this link and send this link to the customer, it’s going to bring them to this page where they can print it out, that’s a pretty easy way to do it, if they did open up a return case or you actually and to send them the label, because you can send labels through the messages, for instance, you would open this page as you see here

how to do returns ebay 15

once it loads is a little slow you can click attach photos but you can actually attach a photo of the label itself, so how you get that label? You want to do it that way:

how to do returns ebay 16

how to do returns ebay 17

how to do returns ebay 18

You can actually upload the PDF but you could open it up and take a screenshot of it and then send that screenshot either inside the message or upload it to the return case and that’s of how you can get it to the customer, so that is all you have to do. Again to recap steps they’re going to either open a return case, either if you dropship into Amazon or on eBay or they’re going to message you telling you they want to return the item, you go to your source, ask them to return, very to do, they then email you the label or   a link to the label and you can either send that link to the customer, if they didn’t open up a return or you can download the return label, take a screenshot of it, go to print it, but save it as PDF and then take photo of it or a screenshot of it and then send that screenshot to the customer, when you’re taking a screenshot though make that you zoom in as much as you can so that’s the highest resolution that you can and then you just send it and that’s really all, then Walmart or Home Depot or whatever your source is going to refund you, either while it’s on the way back to them or once they receive it back, once you get refunded then you can refund the customer, so there’s really no risk here as long as you get that label to them, and that’s I’m tell you it’s super simple and never have to handle the package, now one thing I want to show you because this is a recent change with eBay you have to set this up properly beforehand in order to properly process the returns. You will go to your eBay summary here click on account and click on site preferences on the left and just search for return –> return preferences we will click edit and this is the important part, Scroll down to where it says RMA number and make sure that is checked off and what that’s going to do is when a customer  opens up a return a lot of times eBay is going to automatically approve that return and tell the customer  to send the item directly to you which you don’t want as a drop shipper , so what you want instead is an opportunity to cut in there and tell the customer no don’t ship it to us, here is a free label that you can use to ship it back and if you don’t use this label, your return won’t be processed correctly, so by clicking this checking off this box it, gives you opportunity to do that, so do make sure you check out this box.

I received a question from my friend about how to make returns eBay, she said when an item arrives damaged, and she doesn’t want the customer to return it to her because there’s no point in her getting it back if it’s damaged, well inside the same section, you have the ability to set basic rules for returns, so you can automatically send a refund instead of making the customer return the item if the item cost less than whatever you want it to be, maybe $10 or if the returned reason is something like arrive damaged for instance or you can automatically approve returns in certain situations if you click on advanced rules you’ll even  see the chance to send refunds automatically, if it’s between certain amounts, if there’s a certain reason which we want to go over before or you can create lists of items, you can create specific items that you don’t want the customers to ship back if they arrive or if they want a refund for those returned, I hope that answers were clear.

Now I hope you all know exactly how to do returns eBay, and if you have any questions about that just for clarification you can ask them inside the comments below, I’ll be happy to help you out.


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