How To Sell Copyrighted Products : A Complete Guide to Your First $7,000

How To Sell Copyrighted Products

Hey guys in this article we’re going to be talking about how to earn $7,000 a month and build business legally selling copyrighted products that are branded and trademarked, I get this question a lot because understandably people want to sell products that already have a fan base and already have loyal customers that way they have to do is source the products and then sell them directly to those customers and I understand this appeal because I made lots of money doing this myself.

Usually, when people ask me about this they want to know if they can sell copyrighted products like Nike shoes or iPhones and iPads, they want to go to Apple and purchase the iPads that discount at wholesale rates and then resell them to customers for a profit. Well I’m going to be able to do that, companies like Apple have really strict restrictions on who they sell the products at wholesale rates to, but spoiler companies like Apple don’t actually sell the items at true discounted rates, they sell them almost to big retailers like Best Buy, companies like the spider and actually make money off with your iPads they’re normally lost leaders and see the way that they make their true money is through accessory upsells.

# Step 1: Locate high-profit, high-potential Copyrighted Products on Amazon

What sort of product would have high potential and have high profits on Amazon, so let me show you an example:

How To Money Selling Brand Products A Complete Guide to Your First $7000

Step 1 finds products that are already selling successfully on Amazon as this dog treats from cadet Pet.

As you can see with Jungle Scout they are selling around 400 units a month which mean that is making over $40,000 a month in sales, but he also looks for something else, he looks for products that are selling well but a poorly optimized for sales and conversions like this listing it is bad

How To Money Selling Brand Products A Complete Guide to Your First $7000-1

An extremely bad title like let’s compare it to this similar product

How To Money Selling Brand Products A Complete Guide to Your First $7000-2

This is a super descriptive title that showcases some of the benefits of it, premium grade and all-natural these are benefits, so compared to the first title, the first copyrighted product has a terrible title and if we come and look at the photos there are only 2 photos, it could be six photos and these photos are in such a low definition, all photos have a big negative impact on sales and conversions on Amazon for first product. So step one is identifying copyrighted products that have huge sales but have terrible product pages because we’re going to be able to capitalize on that later on.

# Step 2 Create a wholesale account with cadet pet

What we now do is we go to Cadet Pet and we ask them if we can open what’s called wholesale account with them, as can we get their permission to go the wholesale distributor and purchase dog treats at wholesale discounted rates so we can then go and resell them for a profit and reaching out to a company to asks us is actually really simple.

Go on google to contact them to asks to open a wholesale account

How To Money Selling Brand Products A Complete Guide to Your First $7000-3

or you literally have to do is google them come to their company web site and then click contact us and reach out to them with the contact form


How To Money Selling Brand Products A Complete Guide to Your First $7000-4

like it’s that simple and it’s not hard or scary at all. But here is the truth while it’s so much easier to get approved to open a wholesale account with a company like Cadet Pet that does millions of dollars a year rather than billions of dollars a year like Amazon, they normally don’t just approve anybody in fact, you usually need to have some experience in the niche, but even if you don’t have any experience you can make a proposal, tell them that you will come in and I will edit your amazon product listing to improve it and massively increase your sales but in exchange for me doing that, let’s make a deal, my business me I get the right to buy these retriever rows at discounted rates from your wholesale distributor, so that I can then go and resell them on amazon, I will see these items into amazon for you and I will manage your item listening and I will increase your sales and so what you do is you negotiate the simple deal with a company like deep it that clearly knows nothing about selling on amazon because it works out as win-win for both parties.

# Step 3: Optimize the listing, purchase the products and make money.

Of course he goes in and he edits the listing to be better, he adds some nice photos, he had sent a bit of title, he had some bullet point and he adds in an actual product description, he then purchases these retriever rolls at wholesale discounted rates and then ships them into one Amazon’s FBA warehouses. Amazon warehouses are incredible, they store these items for you and each time a customer buys one of your items that you’re storing in one of their warehouses, they find the item that they have stored, they package the item up and then they ship it to the customer. When you’re selling on Amazon this is how they automate your business, you ship your products into their warehouses and then they take care of the customers’ orders for you, at this point it’s basically a source of passive income, because all you’ve got to do is manage your inventory, when it gets low you go out there you purchase more products and you ship them to Amazon, it’s upfront work for long-term gain, this is a very different strategy  to what I was using when I was wholesale buying and selling, and I thank it’s pretty cool especially because I’ve seen so many of students have so much success.

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