5 Products To Avoid While Listing Your Items on eBay Store

Products To Avoid While Listing Your Items on eBay Store

Hello, as you know I talk a lot in this blog about the right items that you should be listing into you eBay drop shipping store but let’s talk today about some items that you need to avoid, so today i’am going to cover five of them in this post.

If don’t know who I am please check about me page, and as I said I run this website about drop shipping to help many people to drop ship successfully into eBay, I hear a lot of people asking what type of items that you should be listing into eBay! but I don’t hear many people asking what types of items they should avoid and I think that could be really important as well.

1# product 1 a liquid product

liquid product ebay dropshipping
Source: eBay.com

So the problem with this item is that it is a liquid and a lot of times when companies ship liquids to customers they break a part in transit and they cause a huge mess, and then the customer gets this wet soggy box, it’s not good customer service, the customer is very upset there’s no way for them to even return the item so you actually will operate at a loss there, because they’re unable to return it and you then have to ship them out a full product because the supplier is will want to return something even if is a soggy wet broken box, so fo that reason I highly suggest especially if you’re a new seller for you to avoid drop shipping liquids at least at first until you get more experience and kind of have a little bit more room to experiment, but definitely in the beginning liquids are a really huge hassle and a big headache when you’re drop shipping into eBay.

2# Product 2 its VERO item

This is an item that falls under eBay’s VERO program and that stands for verified rights owner program, these are brands that do not want you listing into eBay if you’re going to use their photos, their stock photos and their stock descriptions because those photos and those descriptions are actually copyrighted, so you don’t have the copyright owners or in this case is the brand you don’t their permission to use those photos and descriptions so if you do list those items up the owner has the right to ask eBay to remove that listing and eBay will do that for them, if you get enough of those you could get in trouble with eBay, so it’s just not worth it at first when you’re beginner, I do see more experienced sellers selling very items that violate VERO but that again that is at their risk, and I highly suggest if you’re a new seller not to take that risk with a new account, luckily if you use a software like DSM TOOL it’s going to automatically alert you if you are trying to list a VERO item and will actually block it if you try to do that if that’s what you want them to do.

3# Product 3 just Too cheap

cheap ebay product
Source: eBay.com

You should avoid listing the too cheap items or inexpensive, there’s just not enough room there for you to make a margin, if you try to mark it up enough to actually make a profit, it’s going to be too much for a consumer to reasonably pay that much for the item, remember you have pay eBay fees, you have to pay PayPal fees and included with that PayPal fee is not only a percentage but also a 30 cents markup or 30 cents for every single transaction, so at the very least even if you think you’re going to make 10 cents on the sale, remember you still have to pay 30 cents to PayPal, in addition to that, you have to account for your time or you virtual assistants time, is it really worth you putting in the time to fulfil this order and only making few pennies, now as you grow your store more and manage to automate more the process, you might be finding that it’s worth it for you to list an item that’s only going to make you a dollar profit or even 50 cents worth of profit, because you’ve automated your business to the point where you can scale it up and sell 100 items a day at 50 cents and that might be worth it for you, but definitely, in the beginning, I don’t think it’s worth it for you to sell items that are so cheap, there’s just so little room for you to make any money with it.

4# Long handling time

when you sell an item on eBay you want you handling time to be at most 4 days, any longer than that, customers are going start to complain even if you put into your listing that the handling time is longer, how you make sure that handling time with your suppliers is good, do some test runs order some products from you supplier, have them ship to you first and see what the handling time is like, see what the shipping time is like or just start out slowly, selling from that supplier, or ask the advice of more experienced sellers, like for instance, I know that if you drop ship from Home Depot, Walmart or amazon you handling time is going to be very quick turn around on those, but if you drop ship from other web sites like Aliexpress where the items might even be coming from overseas, those handling times are going to be much longer and that’s going to make customers upset because they do want their items quickly, so just keep that in mind when you’re getting started that you might want to avoid having items with longer handling times.

5# Items with a bad rating is bad to drop ship

If the item has a bad review on the source website then it’s also going to be a bad product to drop ship into eBay and the reason for that if because chances are there’s some sort of quality issue with this kind of items, it’s probably breaking or it doesn’t work well, it’s just something wrong with it, this increases the number of returns that you’re going to get, the number of upset customers, the number of negative reviews it’s just not worth to waist your time, so I would avoid anything with three stars or less because those just aren’t worth, that aren’t good products.

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