What is a MailChimp Alternative That Integrates With Shopify 2019

MailChimp Alternative That Integrates With Shopify

Hello I will write a short article to help anyone look for MailChimp alternative that integrates with Shopify mainly after their big update last week which was that they were removing their Mailchimp app from Shopify app store, so all this really means is that you need to find a new way to integrate your data so that customers are being added to your list correctly, so I saw so many people freaking out saying what is a MailChimp alternative that integrates with Shopify? and that they need to get a new email marketing provider. But don’t worry I’m going to show you exactly what to do in about 60 seconds so that you can quickly integrate back in with MailChimp and you don’t have to change providers and you don’t need the stress.
So as I mentioned at the beginning of this post I’ve seen a lot of people looking for MailChimp alternatives and freaking out with the announcement thinking that they need to move platforms not work with MailChimp however that’s not the case, if you see the announcement that MailChimp posted, they offered three different options that you could do, so you could use a free app called ShopSync, you could also use two different paid MailChimp alternatives which are Zapier and Automate.io, you can also check another one from my shopify essential apps list, but my choice here is the free app because it’s free also it works really quickly and it takes about 60 seconds to set up, so I’m about to walk you through going through and setting that up however I do want to mention quickly the other two options that they said, so Zapier and Automate.io kind of worked the same of where you’re paying for those triggers of adding people to your list and to your MailChimp account, so you can set this up and triggers different behaviors of when someone signs up to your list and your email footer or if they become a customer to add them to certain list because of that, however all three MailChimp cheaper free alternatives will still let you use your welcome series that you have set up and still function of adding people to your list, so if you’re getting a lot of orders or a lot of sign ups you’re going to end up having to pay more, so I like the ShopSync because as I mentioned it’s free and who doesn’t like free but also it’s really easy to set up, so all you need to do to set that up is to go to the backend of your Shopify store

backend of your Shopify store

under the apps tab in the left-hand menu and then you need to go to the visit app store button there, once you’re in the Shopify app store you can then just type in ShopSync.

mailchimp alternatives

And you can actually see it pull up there once you go to the individual app page you can then just hit the add app button.

mailchimp alternatives 2019

And it’ll start adding it to your Shopify store the last step then is to just connect it with your MailChimp account so you will sign in.

MailChimp account so you will sign in

With your username and password that you would for your MailChimp account and then it’ll go through and actually connect it and sink and from there you can choose which list want to connect it to, so it’s super easy and it works really well of syncing all your Shopify information and any new customer sign-ups over to MailChimp.

So don’t freak out, you have a very quick solution and again a free solution that you can go ahead and switch over to, now if you’re still wanting to use MailChimp but you’re not really sure how to get get started or you don’t have it really optimized of automated email campaigns just leave your question in a comment I will answer you as soon as possible, so thanks for reading this short post and I would love to hear from you are you using MailChimp for your store now have you already set up a new app to sync two systems, comment below and let me know.

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