11 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Be Successful On eBay Dropshipping

ebay dropshipping mistakes

What’s up everybody in today’s post, I’m going to overtop 11 mistakes that is see everyday people making with eBay drop shipping, reading this article you will discover what the mistakes are why you have to avoid them and how to avoid them? these mistakes that I see new sellers making and experienced sellers making, so make sure that you pay attention to them, so you don’t make the same mistakes. The number one mistake that I see people making, the biggest mistake that’s costing people the most amount of money, so let’s get into it a mistake.

1# Not believing this works

The first mistake you can make is just not believing that this business works, that you could actually even make money online, I see so many people struggle with this, they think this is not for them, they think that somebody like me who’s doing six figures on eBay is someone special, there’s nothing special about me, I guarantee you guys I was nobody a couple of years ago, I had never made any money online, now I’m doing six figures online, you guys are no different, you guys can do this too, you just have to believe you, you should have a shift in mindset, a mindset that goes from one of scarcity to one of abundance where you look at where ecommerce bas been and where it’s going, how huge it is and realize that you only need the tiniest sliver of that pie that is ecommerce in order to live the kind of life that you want to live, so don’t for a second believe that you can’t do this, that is impossible for you, this is really possible, do not make this mistake.

2# Not staying on top of your store

When people don’t stay on top of their business you get the business going you’re placing orders and then you decide to take a couple of days off or you get lazy and you don’t look into your store for a few days, that’s really bad, this is a very manageable business, you place your orders, you do customers service you do returns, you do returns it’s very easy to stay on top of things when your store grows you hire virtual assistant and they can help you with all of that as well, when things begin to fall apart is when you don’t stay on top of it, when you don’t log in for a few days or go on vacation and don’t put anything in place to make that your business stays up and running. Don’t make that mistake; stay on top of things will be very easy in the store that we’ll work really well.

3# Trying too many things at once

You guys want to stick to one strategy try for a few weeks see kind of results you get and if you’re not happy with the result then change it, if you are happy with the results then repeat them, but if you don’t give it a few weeks even a month to really see if the new things that you tried actually works then nothing’s ever going to work, you’re never will see consistency in your business, so make sure to try these, that’s a very good thing to do but give it time to see that it works and in that same vein, I strongly encourage you guys not to try anything new during the fourth quarter which is the last three months of the years, during those three months everyone’s going crazy online buying lots of things for the holidays with holiday shopping, if you make any change during that time period you will never will know if your went up because it’s the fourth quarter or if they up because you made that change, you want to limit the variables, this is like a scientific experiment to limit those variables, try one thing at a time to see what really works and that’s how you get consistent results.

4# Not listing enough

This is a big one for new sellers and that’s not listing enough, in the beginning, you’re not going to know every day what to do, should you look at new strategies, should you go on YouTube and watch more videos about drop shipping! no, if you’re not sure what to do list, when in doubt list, it’s the only thing that grows your business, and the best dropshippers that I see, are the ones that are making the most money, they put an emphasis on listing, because we all know that the only thing that grows our store, that’s going make us more money is to list more product, so when you’re in doubt just list more.

5# Not using cashback

This mistake is a huge pet peeve of mine and that’s when people don’t use cashback, there’s cashback website, there’s cash back credit cards and I see a lot of people who say; oh it’s just 2% 3% what is matter, that’s a terrible way to look at it, I will put the picture below from one of the cashback websites I use just one of them and you will see that I’ve earned over $13,000 just from that website.

my cash back earning 13000
I go through that website and it brings me to Walmart, Homedepot and then I do my shopping like normal it takes an extra half a second to do it that way and you can earn so much more money doing that, i also use cash back credit cards, go out and get those credit cards if you have good credit and if you know how to do with credit card and how to manage them because I get an extra $1,500 a month at least from those credit cards so don’t be a fool don’t be an idiot do this, it’s so simple, it’s such an easy way to make more money.

6# Being impatient

This mistake I suffer from a lot, I want to see results right away and when I first started this business it was really tough for me because for about five or six months I saw very inconsistent sales, it was very hard for me to have a day when I was really happy with the results I was getting but after I finally figured out the system which items to list, how to really grow my store and things took off, that when things I felt so much better and when things when I really started to make a profit but to get there required a lot of patience, it’s going to still require. A lot of patience for you guys, so make sure that you’re patient because it will pay off in the end as long as you are persistent and keep going even when you don’t want to and things get really tough.

7# Listing the wrong items

In the past, it used to be that you could list any items on eBay and you’d be good, someone would buy them. But that does not really care anymore because there’s a lot more competition, you have to list the right items on eBay and can’t get exactly how to do that into right now but if you subscribe on my newsletter you can get an eBook that describes how to list exactly the profitable items to sell on eBay.

8# Not taking this seriously

Seriously if you guys treat this as a hobby as something you do for fun that’s fine that’s great but you’re not going to make great money doing it that way if you want to make serious money you have to take this job seriously, you got to treat it as a job, as a business that you’re trying to grow and expand without doing that you’re really not going to see the great results that you know people like have seen, where I’ve taken this very seriously I treat this as another job and that sets the successful people apart from the non-successful people, is that they really put the same amount of effort into it, that they would like a real business because it’s a real business and if you don’t treat it like one business you’re not going to see real results.

9# Being afraid to invest in your business

Being afraid to reinvest into your business, there’s going to come a point in your business where you can’t handle it by yourself, you’re placing too many orders, doing customer service, everything else involved you’re going to be spending so much time doing that, you’re spending enough time dealing with strategy or growing your business, that’s when it’s time to outsource, and that means buying software or paying virtual assistants to help you run your store. If you are afraid to spend that money then your business is never going to grow, and that brings us to mistake number 10.

10# No Getting started

Thinking that you can do it all on your own, that you don’t need any help to get started, look guys the truth is you can online, on YouTube, blog spend five or six months researching eBay drop shipping, figure it out for yourself, making a lot of mistakes along the way, not making money because you keep making mistakes and losing money or can take a course now, I do have a eBook that you can find on the right slid, I really believe this is the most comprehensive guide on how to do eBay drop shipping, it shows you exactly the most questions asked by beginner and advanced eBay drop shipping for everything you need in it, so you can avoid the same mistakes that I made when I started my store, you don’t have to spend five or six months trying to learn everything and make mistakes, you can get right into it today buying the eBook on slide bar and knowing exactly what to do in all the situations step by step. The biggest mistake that’s preventing you from making any money with eBay drop shipping and that’s not even getting started, I see so many people who, this doesn’t work. Because what happens if there’s a return or what if they see the boxes from Amazon, so many what-ifs, guys this does work I’m proof of that, other dropshippers are proof of that and unless you started, you’ll never know for yourself if it does work. You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take and I have heard this quote so many times that says you regret more the things you didn’t do than the things you did do. Don’t regret getting started don’t say yourself in the future what if I had done it, how much different would my life be now, so start and find out for yourself, someone this year is going to start eBay drop shipping and they’re going to absolutely crush it, why can’t be you, so guys if you like this post, if you have made any of the mistakes that I covered in this video please share the post with other dropshippers, if there are any mistakes that you’ve made or that you see other dropshippers making a lot, that I didn’t cover in this article, leave them in this comments below and let’s start a discussion on this, so we can all learn from each other’s mistakes.


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