Which Is Better Facebook Advertising Or Instagram Advertising 2019

Which Is Better Facebook Advertising Or Instagram Advertising

In this article, we’re going to be talking about, what is the best way to generate money making traffic to your dropshipping store, is it Instagram ads or Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are when you create an advertisement for Aliexpress products you’re drop shipping in your store that shows up in a Facebook user’s timeline

instagram ads vs facebook ads
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but something that we haven’t talked about much is Instagram influences and this is how that traffic source works; let’s say that you’ve got this cute little mug that when you drink out of it turns your face into a cat.

instagram ads vs facebook ads 2019
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Well, what you do if you find a large high engagement Instagram page that is related to the product in this case here, cats.

You then contact the influencer and you get them to make a post on their page which advertises the product and your store.

facebook ads vs instagram influencers
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And of course, the goal here is to get their followers and potentially people that even organically find the page to see your post and then to go to your store and purchases the product, so which form of advertising is better?

Instagram shootouts or Facebook ads? It’s a super common question that we get asked here at Meshrange and the honest answer is that each has its own pros and cons so let’s jump straight into the article.

1# which is the easiest for newbies to make money?

One of the challenges that we’ve been discussing on this blog recently for Facebook ads is the issue of trust. You just created your Shopify, Aliexpress dropshipping store and now you are running Facebook ads promoting products to users who have never seen you before, who have never interacted with you before and now you’re asking them, despite not knowing who you are, to buy what you’re selling, hand you over the money and trust you send the products to them.

That is a huge ask and to be honest, this is why I think I see people have success with Instagram shootouts, then struggle to make the shift to Facebook ads but not the other way around, with Instagram, the issue is greatly mitigated, why? Well because the followers of those pages already trust them, and you can even potentially make money from who find those posts organically despite not being followers of that page because of the enormous of social proof that it has. With Facebook ads as a beginner, you don’t have the luxury of piggybacking off the existing trust that influencers have built. Of course, you don’t need to let this stop you from running Facebook ads, there are many tricks that you can use to overcome the issue of trust if you want to, and store owners are doing this every single day like getting really good at using ad copy, and images to make people want to impulse buy or by using trust symbols and words on your site. But there’s no way around it, there’s definitely still a bit more of a learning curve when it comes to Facebook ads.

Instagram influencers have gone and cleanly knocked Facebook ads to the floor, but this fight is far from over.

2# which is cheapest for beginners to get started?

I’ve already explained that if you want to get started with Facebook ads, then you should be willing to set aside a min of $500 to $600 in startup money, why? Well, because you need to be prepared to test multiple products on Facebook to find a winner. And I recommend that most beginners be willing to test at least 20 different products, which means you need to be willing to test at least 20 different ads. As a beginner, a good ad test length is 4 days with a $5 budget per day. So that means then that $20 for 20 different product ads is $400, with the other $100 of your startup money going towards setup costs. Now let’s compare that to the cost of getting started with Instagram shootouts. With Instagram, you can negotiate shootout prices for pages within 50,000 to 150,000 followers for between $10 to $20, so immediately they are cheaper. And as I’m about to explain shortly, low-cost Instagram shootouts usually have a much higher return on investment than low-cost Facebook ads which means you’re going to make more money back during the initial testing phase to help offset costs. So given that and also $10 is half the price of $20.

3# which makes the most money?

With Instagram influencers and drop shipping, if you see someone making $500 a day as $500 of gross sales consistently, well, that is pretty good. But with Facebook ads, you can make millions. In the beginning, Facebook ads are going to cost you more money to get set up, and yes in the early stages, the return on investment is not great. A lot of people ask me the same question “can you really make money if you spend just $5 a day for Facebook ads?” And the answer is no, you really can’t, why? Well, because I explained in a previous article, those $5 Facebook ads do not hit high-value users. The algorithm is incredibly smart, it knows which users are more likely to click on ads and buy products and, obviously, those users are in high demand with advertisers so advertising to them is a lot more expensive than advertising to disengaged users, what this means is that when you run your low-cost Facebook ads, their Facebook is not going to put that in front of those people because if they did, you would blow through your daily ad budget very fast. So this Low cost $5 a day ads that you run as a test they’re going in front of low-value users which means your way is not going to be great. With Facebook if you spend $20 for 4-day ad test and you break even or make a tidy profit, then that was a great ad, compare that to Instagram where you spend $20 and you make $40 back, So on the surface, Instagram looks more profitable right?

Yes those $5 a day are not making you much money but that’s not why running them, you will run them with the goal of finding profitable products and ads that have the potential to scale up to huge profits, and if that Facebook ad breaks even or makes a tidy profit, then you will invest more money and how much you spend each day for that ad, you go from $5 to $10, $10 to $20, $20 to $40 and so on.

And once you scale to $40 a day, then you enter the budget range where Facebook starts showing your ad to more valuable users and that’s where the real money gets made. It’s because of this ability to scale that drop shippers are able to earn millions of dollars, but that isn’t the only reason that with Facebook you can make far more money.

With Instagram shootouts, you have a huge limitation, when you find an Instagram page that works with your ads, you can’t just go and post to it every day because if you did, you would saturate that audience, consistency can be very tricky with Instagram shootouts, so at most you can post to it two to three times a week and if you do this, you’re going to need to variate the products that you’re selling so that, again you don’t oversaturate the page and kill it from over promotion. But, it doesn’t work that way with Facebook ads, you don’t just get to run them two to three times a week, you get to run them every single day, so even though Instagram influencers can start out by making you more money.

4# which traffic method is the most scalable?

Well, we’ve already answered this question because we’ve established that when you find a winning product and ad on Facebook that you can keep pouring more money into it and as you increase the ad budget for it, you reach more people and you make more money, and there is no equivalent here for Instagram influencers, when you find a page that converts, you can’t just pour more money into it every day, so Instagram just flat out loses here. But there is something else that you also need to know and that is compared to Facebook, with Instagram you had a very limited audience, with Instagram you need to run targeted ads, if you want to go and sell a mug you can’t just run an ad to a general page because you will lose money instead, you need to run an ad to a page that is specifically related to this product, for example, a cat page, why? Let’s say that you go to a brow Instagram account that has hundreds of thousands of followers but isn’t specifically related to your niche. If you negotiate to buy an ad from them, you negotiate to buy it for their whole following, and yes there will be some people on that Instagram page that has 500,000 followers, that like cats but most people are not going to be interested so they’re not going to buy your product and you’re going to lose money. But with Facebook, it’s different.

Now yes in the beginning when you’ve got a fresh Facebook ad account, you do need to run ads that are specifically targeted towards your niche. But each day that you run your ad, Facebook sees how it performs and its Pixel collects data on the types of users that click on your ad, engage with your ad and buy your products, which means that the longer you run your ad, the more efficient that Facebook gets at picking who it should put it in front of. And it can get so good at this that eventually, you can run ads without niche targeting like many drop shippers that still make money, Why? Well because even if you throw it out to a general audience, Facebook will do the work for you, and it will figure out who it should be putting your ad in front of. So not only are the ads by nature not scalable for Instagram, you’re always going to be limited in the types of audience that you can target.

5# which is the easiest for newbies to use?

When it comes to setting up a Facebook ad, it can be quite technical, you’ve got to install your pixel, set up your account setting, set up your ad settings and then in addition to having to create the image for your ad, you also need to write the ad copy. Now there are several steps involved in setting up an Instagram shootout campaign but in my personal opinion, they’re a lot more basic and a lot less technical you go to Instagram and you search for more pages within your niche

instagram ads vs facebook
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you browse through the comments, make sure that they’re real people posting, check to see if the engagement score is good, you then email the influencer and ask them about the price to run a campaign on their page, you then negotiate the price and you figure out the terms of how it’s going to be run, like what day it’s going to be on, and once you’ve done that, you give them the ad image and the link to your website. There are steps involved to get your ad out there but they require more soft skills, they’re not particularly technical.

However, there is one major exception to this which is important to note, if you are a self-confessed digitally challenged person, and then you might find Instagram shootouts to be a bit harder, why? Because of the fact the audience on Instagram is quite a bit younger and quite technically savvy, especially when compared to Facebook, to do well on Instagram you really need to understand internet language and culture and if you don’t, you will not only struggle to connect with your audience but perhaps, more importantly, you are going to struggle to personally connect with the influencers themselves. A lot of people running these pages, they are literally teenagers, so you need to keep that in mind when you’re negotiating and talking to them.

And so suspect for some people out there that the culture shock of Instagram is going to be harder to overcome than the technicalities of setting up a Facebook ad.

6# which is facebook ads or Instagram ads the most passive?

With Instagram shootouts, once you find some pages that convert with your ads, then you need to negotiate and organize ads for each week, but with Facebook, once you got a winning and there really isn’t much you need to do day to day unless you want to, is a good practice to be testing new products on Facebook? Absolutely, but the same goes for Instagram, its practice to be testing different ad creators like images on Facebook? Absolutely, but again same goes for Instagram, testing is good but that goes for both platforms and actually testing on Facebook is far easier, efficient and a lot simpler to track than it is with Instagram shootouts, Facebook definitely requires more work up front but if you’re willing to put in that time, you get rewarded with a traffic source that is more passive and requires less ongoing work to grow.

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