If You Avoid To Do This 5 Mistakes eBay Will Never Ban You

If You Avoid To Do This 5 Mistakes eBay Will Never Ban You

Hello, stop these five things that could get your eBay account banned or restricted we’re will go over all five of them in this post.
Before I start talking about this 5 reasons that could suspend or ban your eBay account, I will explain the difference between the two, when your account gets banned it means that you are never supposed to be able to sell on eBay ever again, it rarely happens but it does happen, a restriction, on the other hand, is just temporary, its eBay saying : look we found something wrong with your account, if you just go fix it we’ll let you start selling again, so these five things I’m going to go over could result in either a restriction or a ban depending on the situation and you want to avoid them impossible but as you’ll read you’re not will be able to avoid all them, so let’s get into them and I hope they help you out.

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1# A new eBay account

The first reason that your account might get restricted is, believe or not if you start a brand new eBay account, a lot of times when you start a new account eBay is going to send you a message right away letting you know that your account has been restricted until they have verified that you are who you say you are, they’ll send you an email asking for some identifying documents once you send those documents and call them up they’ll lift the restriction pretty easy one but it does happen to people from time to time.

2# Scaling too quickly

The second reason that your account might get restricted is if you scale up too quickly, this usually happens if you have an old account that you haven’t used for a while with a really high listing limit and you suddenly come in, go from zero sales to high volume of sales really quickly, it doesn’t really happen usually for new sellers, because new sellers do have listing limits, meaning you can only list and sell a certain number of items every single month when you’re first starting out and then eBay will raise those limits later but for some people this is a problem it does happen, eBay is going to do is the temporary restrict your account, they’re just going to ask for some information which we’ll cover later in this post.

This is not something that I think most people need to worry about and I think scaling up quickly is actually more of o good thing than anything else when it comes to eBay, but just be aware that it does sometimes happen to people.

3# Manipulate the system

The third reason that your account could get restricted or banned and this will probably result in a ban is if you try to manipulate the system in any way, this includes things like buying a lot of items on eBay that only cost a penny, we call these penny items, people buy a lot of these to try to get quickly a lot of positive feedback, I think you can do a little bit of that but too much of that, eBay does not like when you do that, also things like buying items from your own account so that you can give yourself positive feedback or to generate sales, eBay does not like that at all, if for some reason you have auction listings then it’s really obviously bad to bid on your own listings in order to increase the price of them, another thing that will definitely get you banned from eBay if they find out.

4# Neglecting your metrics

The fourth reason that eBay might ban or restricted your account, is if you’re not careful with your metrics you don’t want your metrics to totally tank, keep up with any cases that are open, returns or item not receive cases, both eBay and PayPal if it still exists by time you read this article and make sure that you’re getting items out to customers you’re uploading tracking numbers, all that getting good customer service, eBay wants to see this, especially if you are a new seller, if you’re a new seller any small problem can really impact your metrics very very quickly, once you get higher volume of sales then you know a small problem here there it really is just a small problem and you know having one defect on your account or a couple of negative feedback, isn’t such a big deal once you’re a higher volume seller, but in the beginning you really want to keep this under control because if you miss them up eBay could restrict your account or even ban you if you’re doing really bad as a seller.

5# listing a lot of Vero items

The fifth reason I have for you, why you account might get banned or restricted as if you list up too many VERO(Verified Rights Owner Program) items, these are items where the manufacturer doesn’t want you to use their stock images and their stock description without their permission, technically those images and descriptions are copyrighted and they can prevent you from using them if they want, so you list those items a lot of times you’re will get away with it, I’m not will lie about that but sometimes eBay is will come in and say you’re not supposed to list these we’re going to take down this listing and hopefully that’s all that happens but if it happens too often, eBay could restrict or even ban your account, so you do want to stay on top of it, and you do want to avoid listing those viral items as much as possible, especially if you are a new seller.

The majority of new sellers that I’ve seen who have gotten restricted after they’ve gotten over the initial phase just starting an account, the number one reason is because they have too many VERO items in their store, so avoid it if you are a new seller, if you want to take the risk later that’s up to you. So if does eBay temporarily restrict your account they’re going send an email that’s called an MC011 NOTICE, it’s going to basically outline everything you did wrong and they’re going also ask you for certain documents in order to lift the restriction.

Basically all they’re looking for is usually proof you are who you say you are, so they’re going to ask for a photo ID like a driver’s license a utility bill that has your address on it and then, a lot of times they’re going to ask for invoices for the items that you purchased that you’re selling on eBay want proof that you have those items, but what you do if you are a drop shipper? You don’t have these items in stock, so how you can you give invoices or receipts for them? Well if you’ve already sold the items on eBay then that means you’ve bought them from your source just give those receipts from your email and those have worked in the past for people who have gotten restricted, otherwise I’ve heard that other drop shippers just told eBay, “look I’m dropshipper, I don’t have these in stock but I have an arrangement with a supplier and that’s where I get my items from”, and I heard that works as well.

Once you get all the documents sent out to eBay, give them a call, let them know, and ask them how long it’s going to take, it usually does take a little while so just be aware of that, but if hopefully, everything goes well they will lift the restriction on your account, now one things you want to know if they lift the restriction, usually what ends up happening is that they lower your listing limits for a short period of time, so you’re not going to be able to sell as much as you were allowed to before the restriction happens, so just be aware of that, now before we discuss what you should do if your account gets banned if you found this article helpful so far give the post a share and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and if you have any other ideas or any experience, you have received a restriction or ban for any other reason, drop that reason into the comments, I can put those into a future article on this topic.

If you do get banned from selling on eBay then usually there’s not much that you can do to kind of get out of that situation, so what you would have to do if you still want to sell on eBay is either sell under a family member’s name using their address and their account or you’re will have to set up a stealth account.

A stealth account is one that’s not linked to you at all, you have to create a business, put the eBay account in the business’s name, get new bank accounts.

I know people who have done successfully but I have personally never done it but that would be your next step.


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