44 Burning eBay Dropshipping Problems And How to Solve Them

eBay Dropshipping Problems

As you know new drop shippers often run into common problems related to eBay. They often have questions regarding common problems. In this article I will try to answer to the most common eBay dropshipping questions that I received this few days:

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Question#1: Why an item that’s really popular suddenly not be popular anymore?

Well there could be a couple of reasons for that, the first thing want to see is look at the price history, it’s possible that the price has gone up in Walmart or whatever source you’re using which means that the price on eBay for your eBay listing is also going to go up, if that happens that means the customer is going to see higher price, so they might be less likely to buy it for that reasons, not your fault sources price I raised, it’s also possible that your item was snipped so what you want to do is search a copy down your title open a new window go to eBay and search for that title for your item, see if anyone else has the same or substantially similar title, chances are they spiked you and undercut you, the order option is that it might just be an item that was seasonal, so maybe it was something like a snow broom or snow brush and people were buying a lot of them, maybe over the winter and now that’s starting to warm up even though it’s not warming up but you know theoretically it should be warming up so people are less likely to buy those things now.

Question#2: How will the new eBay update and move to one page per UPC effect drop-shipping like Amazon?

eBay is trying to roll out this new system they’re being very slow with it kind of testing things out, they’re only doing for certain products right now, thinks like Kindle and Amazon products coincidentally and my belief is that it’s not going to work for more items that aren’t branded like Apple or Kindle things like that a lot of things that we sell, I don’t think it’s going to work for those because it’s just not what eBay does, and eBay like a marketplace that people come to find a deal, they want to look through all the different listings that’s what they want to do, people go to Amazon for that Amazon experience if eBay tries to be like Amazon they’re not going to be able to compete with Amazon and they’re not to going to be able to make it in the world of e-commerce and there’ll just be redundant, so belief is that’s not going to work.

Question#3: I received a notification that the buyer never received the item but it’s marked as delivered on eBay and the Tracking number shows delivered what I will do?

As soon as this marked as delivered on eBay or if you have a tracking number that shows delivered you’re done, of course, you want to be nice to the buyer, give good customer service say: “Hey I’m sorry you didn’t receive the item, what you should do is contact the carrier UPS, FedEx…and open up a case with them ask them where it is maybe checked with your neighbor, see if your neighbor is accidentally got I, that happens all the time” but other than that you’re off the hook, eBay might refund them but they won’t take the money out of your account, eBay will refund them through their money.

Question#4: Do VAs call eBay for you, how they identify themselves?

Yes, VAs can call eBay for you, they can do things like ask to get feedback removed, things like that, they just say they’re you.

Question#5: There is any way around Walmart only letting your complete purchase order to a single address?

No, there’s no way around that you have to just place the orders one by one.

Question#6: How much were you listing a day before you started paying a VA to do the listing?

I was using Hydra Lister and it’s bit slower and a day I was probably doing 15 to 20, I could probably do it a little faster now and I just find that the DSTool works a little quicker for me than Hydralister but about 15 to 20 a day and that’s about how much the VA is doing now too.

Question#7: Can you still do guest checkout at HomeDepot after getting your account tax exempt or do you need to log into your Home Depot account to avail the tax-free sell?

You can still do guest checkout if you sign into your Home Depot account then the tax-exempt number when you check out is going to automatically be there, so you don’t have to enter it, but if you do a guest checkout you can manually enter that tax exempt number, so you get tax exempt, no matter if you do a guest checkout or not, you also use it in store but just make sure you’re using it correctly, any item that you buy by using a tax-exempt number certificate has to be for resale, if you buy something using a tax-exempt number and don’t pay tax for that reason and they keep and use the item that’s bad, you’re not allowed to do that.

Question#8: Do you refund items before the source gets the item back to customer service?

Generally yes, what’s great about HomeDepot is HomeDepot will refund you as soon as the customer ships back the item as soon as UPS makes that first scan they’re going to refund you which is good because they haven’t even gotten the item back yet, they haven’t. Even looked at it they don’t know if I send back the right item, so the fact that they’re refunding you so quickly shows how awesome their customer service, is another reason why I love dropshipping from Home Depot, so as soon as I’m refunded from Home depot i refund the customer and in general if the customer ships back the item or they ship it to the source you going to refund them as soon as you can or as soon as you realize that, I just don’t keep them waiting and I don’t want to forget to do it later.

Question#9: I’m spending a lot of time handling customer service questions and concerns how long did you wait before bringing in a VA?

In my case I waited too long honestly, I say this with anyone who’s considering hiring a virtual assistant, you should hire a virtual assistant when you’re doing a test that’s taking you so much time and energy and effort that you’re not putting in the time and energy needed to grow your store, so if this it’s taking up a lot of time for you then you should hire a virtual assistant. And for this kind of task this is one of the ones that I really suggest that you start a little bit earlier than the other ones, only because it does require so much training, even they speak English very well and they’ve done customer service in the past you’re going to want things done a very specific way because this is your store every store is run differently, so you can always start training them a little bit early, have them only working like a couple hours a day just to start to get in the routine, because it does take a while for them to understand and learn the whole system, so if it’s taken you more than a few hours a couple or a few hours a day, you might want to start thinking about training one.

Question#10: Is it too late to start drop shipping during quarter 4?

Absolutely not, I don’t think so at all, I think any time is really a good time to get started and by that I just mean don’t use the time of year as an excuse, I know a lot of people would say that summer is a bad time to start drop shipping because it’s slower, retail sales are always slower in the summer, and other people might say quarter four is bad time to start because it’s too late by then or it’s, you can keep making these excuses over and over again or you can say what I’m just going get started, I’m just going to go for it and then, don’t even worry about the time of year, I started Amazon dropshipping during quarter four, the only thing I will say is that; make sure that you’re really committed to it before you get started.

Question#11: What do you do if a buyer claims that it was an unauthorized charge?

You’ll get this sometimes, you will get an email saying that this sale has been canceled by eBay because the buyer reported that it was an unauthorized charge, so the best thing to do here is, if you haven’t placed the order yet on your suppliers website then obviously don’t place it, if have placed it contact the supplier and see if you can cancel the order, if it too late to cancel or the item has already shipped out, the make sure the tracking number is uploaded and then call eBay, tell them you sent this email to me too late I already shipped out the item here is the tracking number and they will reimburse you for everything.

Question#12: How much should be paying virtual assistants?

That depends on many factors, the first one is where you hire them from? and the second what tasks you’re having them do? and three their experience, so generally the website I hire from is onlineJob, the great thing about that, is that most those virtual assistants I can pay $2 an hour and the reason for that is because OnlineJobs doesn’t take a cut of the money that I pay them, this is a place to get connected with the virtual assistants and then I work out the payments on my own and nobody takes a cut of it so $2 is fine, there are other websites will you’ll have to pay more because they take a cut of it. the second factor is what tasks you are hiring them to do, the simple things like listing items or order fulfillment 2$ per hour is fine, something like customer service though is going to be more money, I have one a virtual assistant who’s like kind of in charge and she gets paid 4$ per hour for instance and there’s some in the middle that is making about 3$ per hour. the third thing obviously is their experience, the more experienced they are the more you might want to pay them so that you can secure them and keep them on as employees and of course you can always send them bonus which I always think are is a really good idea, if this can either be performance-based or during certain holidays or if your sales on your store doing really well.

Question#13: Do you sell as an individual or as an LLC?

I’ve already started to sell things online but I’m not sure if I’m going to open an LLC or not so that’s really up to you, what you can do is start selling as an individual and then later you can start up an LLC if that’s what you want to do, that’s what I’ll say a lot of people do and what I did, but you don’t necessarily have to do that you can start an LLC right away if you want but certainly you don’t have to, is hat most people do.

Question#14: Why so many people report PayPal suspending their accounts because of drop shipping?

I get questions like this and I get questions people asking me how do I avoid getting suspended on Amazon for using Amazon prime for drop shipping and I don’t understand these questions where people are getting these concerns from! I understand that they’re valid concerns, something that people might be worried about but I don’t hear about people getting banned any more from Amazon from using Amazon Prime to dropship from, as far as people getting suspended from PayPal for dropshipping that’s something I’ve never heard of either, I have heard of people getting suspended for other reasons but not specifically for dropshpping and I do know for myself that I was placed on a temporary hold with PayPal when my sales really started to take off, all I had to do was call in, they told me what information they wanted as for example a copy of my driver’s license, it was any sort of mail that showed my physical address, I think it might have been one of the form of identification facts that all to them or might have even scanned an email that to them and then it didn’t get off the home with them until they lifted the suspension, the suspension didn’t stop my sales I was still able to get sales, I just couldn’t withdraw my money but I don’t like keeping my money in PayPal because I’ve always feared that they would suspend me like this in the future, so I always withdraw my money into my bank account multiple time a week to avoid leaving any large sums of money inside PayPal.

Question#15: Do you set the number of hours your VA have to work each week or do they submit some kind of timesheet each week?

Most the tasks are not time based they’re like action based, so order fulfillment that is they just have to keep working until they’re finished, customer service same thing, the only one that’s really time-based is listing, how many listings they can do within a certain period of time, so lister works 3 to 4 hours a day and she just keeps track of her time, well they all keep track of how many hours they work and they keep track of it in a timesheet, no when they’re using Upwork, if you’re using up work that will automatically track the time for you. When I first hire someone I’ll monitor their work, make sure they’re doing a good job and I’d say like every three months or so I’ll do sort of an audit, go in look at their timesheet, make sure they make sense compared to the amount of work, they’re doing really check their work over to make sure they’re still doing it correctly, but once you get them rolling, they’re really good about consistently doing it if you have a really a plus team of virtual assistants, so that’s something I always encourage people to do is make sure you’re getting an A team when it comes to VAs, you will get virtual assistants who can do the job but you could tell they’re not really invested in it they don’t really maybe even like it so much or they’re not really going above and beyond, they’re just doing the minimum and to degree that’s ok, but I know I can count on so many of my VA whenever I need them I had one call they do my work and her work and they did all of it which is fantastic so that’s what I mean I want people on my team that are going to go above and beyond and that does take time, it takes going through maybe a few VAs and also takes patience and understanding on my part of what to look for during the hiring process when it comes to asking the right questions when hiring a VA virtual assistant and training them the correct way and setting up communication with them upfront in the correct way, and that’s why I spend so much time talking about all these pre things, all these things you have to do before hiring a virtual assistant.

Question#16: Do you recommend sending your products out to photographers for better pictures?

As you know with drop shipping you don’t actually have the physical products in your control, so you buyer purchases the item once they purchase it I buy the item on my sources website like Walmart, Homedepot, Amazon and I ship it directly to the customer, so I never see the products. So we’re using stock images supplied by the manufacturers which are usually pretty good and because they’re in new condition we can use those stock images, we don’t have to worry about taking photographs or writing our own descriptions, that’s all to dine for us drop shippers since we are utilizing these images and copies supplied by the manufacturers, so I don’t send them out to photographers for that reason.

Question#17: When just starting out, where do suggest sourcing from first?

I think the two best ones are Amazon and Walmart and specifically what’s great about Amazon is there are just so many items on Amazon that you can choose from to drop ship, so it’s easy to find like a wide variety of items, you test out different niches, see what’s working for you, and the same thing for Walmart there are just so many items and they’re just super easy to deal with, especially Amazon has a very fast shipping, you get free shipping on almost all orders if you use Prime so really drop ship friendly for beginners.

Question#18: How do you get out of PayPal Jail?

All you have to do is for every item that you sell to make sure to upload a tracking number on time and then make sure those items are delivered, after enough of those and after 3 months you’ll get graduate from PayPal and sometimes you’ll even graduate early, believe it or not they will let you out depending on your sales volume I think.

Question#19: What do you do when a virtual assistant is stumped and needs to know something at that moment In time but you are in a different time zone?

From my experience there’s never something with eBay dropshipping that is so pressing that they need the answer right then and I used to believe that thing could go catastrophically wrong in an instant but I’ve just found that it’s not true, because of the way the base set up we get some leniency there so if things don’t go a 100% smoothly for one night it’s ok I found, you have time to catch up and to make them right, so I find that there’re no issues that need to be addressed right away but one thing that helps again is have really well trained VAs who really know all the problems that could arise so usually the structure of my training is, I’ll train them on the basics, the basic tasks I want them to do and how it should go id everything goes smoothly and that will get them through 95% of their work, then once they get the hang of that I’ll maybe say to them you know sometimes these issues will come up and if they do here’s what I want you to do , usually though I don’t even bother doing that I usually wait for the problem to happen and then when it happens I say ok this is how I want you to solve this problem and this how is how I want you to do it from now and the reason I do it like that is because is gives it more context, if I try to describe a problem that hasn’t happened yet it could be a little confusing especially given the language barrier so I find it helps to wait for foe the actual problem to raise first and then kind of describe and walk them through how to deal with them.

Question#20: Sometimes I can’t ship items to California because of Proposition 65, have you ever had this issue?

That’s just a law in California, like environmental like anti-carcinogenic law and because of that some items can’t be shipped to California so what do you do there? So if you ever get an item that you can’t ship to California you will, unfortunately, have to cancel the order and let the buyer know obviously and then make sure to put in listing that we can’t ship this item to California because of Proposition 65, put it in the listing, so that you don’t get burned in the future.

Question#21: Is there a way to know something is VERO before you try to list it? How are so many others listing them?

Absolutely most repricing tools or listing tools will let you know it, so, for instance, DSM tool will let you know, for the most part, if the item is VERO protected before you list it.

Question#22: In the unlucky scenario where an order is placed after a price drop, but before DSM TOOL had a chance to change it…What do you do? Should we wait until the price Drops again so we don’t lose money?

So you could wait, I usually will try to wait 24 hours to see if the price drops if it’s not I will just pay for the item and then try to make that money back on other sales, otherwise if it’s a lot of money I will cancel the sale I’m not going to lose money for something like this if it’s a lot of money.

Question#23: is a late upload tracking rate still not playing an effect on search rankings? What’s your experience/rate?

From my experience they don’t, as far as I know, they don’t I know a couple of people with really low upload rates and they’re still doing fine on eBay, I try to keep them up they are above 90% at least but they’ve been lower and I haven’t seen it impact my sales or ranking at all.

Question#24: do you drop ship from Costco or Sams Club?

These are not ones that I regularly drop ship from, I do know people how have been successful with them but I know a lot of people who have been banned from using those sites for buying too many items, one of the realities of being a retail drop shipper like we are, is that we have to deal with some websites that don’t like us and don’t want us using their online retail web site for dropshipping and there are various reasons for that, it’s their policy so we just got play nice with the ones that do accept us so that they don’t ban us in the future as well, so I do not drop ship from Costco or Sams Club, I do know people who got flagged for being resellers for buying from too much from those websites and shipping to too many different locations.

Question#25: I’ve just randomly had all my listings removed without reason?

You should call eBay to ask them why there’s usually a reason and the reason might be that if you had very few listings it could be that all of them are in violation of something but chances are you might have to provide some documentation and prove to them that you are a real person that could be the reason or it might be a glitch in the system, and usually if you call them they can restore everything, so definitely give them a call and figure out what happened there.

Question#26: There is any software to create variations on eBay automatically?

Yes I know at least one and is AutoDS TOOL, it works with Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress and Bangood and I think it’s work also with Home Depot soon, I do know that if you use that it will automatically do those variations for you, it works pretty well it’s not a 100% accurate in my experience but it works most of the time, sometimes it gets some issues, but most of the time it works really well.

Question#27: What if I want to set up multiple eBay accounts can DSM tool link those accounts or each account will need a different subscription?

So you will need a different DSM TOOL account for each eBay account, the reason for that is because the DSM tool is going to be sending the listings that you create to an eBay account and so it can only be linked up to one of them, you can then link different DSM TOOL account and the benefit of doing that is that it will alert you if you try to list an item that you already have listed in another account because you can’t list the same item twice on eBay, even if you have two different stores, let’s say you take an item and listed in the site one you’re not allowed to then list that item in store two as well, so if you link up the two DSM tool accounts if you try then to listed in the second store it will let you know that you already haven’t listed in the first store.

Question#28: What do you do with Amazon tracking number (AMZL)?

The best solution I have found for the AMZL, let me clarify that, if you drop shipping from Amazon one of the issues is that they will frequently ship things out through Amazon logistics which is their private shipping service, is not FedEx it’s their own shipping service you can actually sign up to be a part of it and deliver items for them in your local town. The problem with the Amazon logistics is that it’s not recognized by eBay, so you plug it in and eBay won’t recognize it like it, like with the UPS or FedEx tracking number, if you use a software called TrackerBot which is designed to automatically upload tracking numbers to eBay from your Gmail account, one of the added benefits is that it’s going to help you when it comes to Amazon logistic tracking numbers, so what it does is it gives you away if the customer claiming that they didn’t receive the item you can show that they did receive it and you can use TrackerBot to do that, the problem is that you’re still going to get a ding on you to account for not uploading tracking numbers for that order.

Question#29: How do you make sure that your listings are mobile friendly?

This is pretty easy to deal with, if you are listing most listing software, all of them they have something built in to make sure that the listing is mobile friendly.

Question#30: I opened up a new store on eBay but it was immediately suspended! I didn’t do anything with it, why was it suspended so quickly and what should I do?

So what likely happened it that, when you first set up an account, sometimes you will get flagged right away no one really knows why it would happen but it just does and what you need to do is then call eBay and they’re just going to make sure that you’re a real person, that’s only thing they’re afraid of, so you tell them that you should give all the documents they asked for, they’re going to ask for your ID, maybe something with your address on it like a bank statement and usually once you get that information to them they reinstate your account and you can start listing right away, so it’s not something that you should be too concerned about there.

Question#31: it’s possible to drop ship from eBay to eBay?

In general that is not a good idea and the reason that’s not a good idea is because, if someone ships out an item to you they’re going to give you a tracking number for it and they’re going to upload that tracking number to eBay, once that’s uploaded to eBay they are know that number can’t be uploaded again for another order, so they’re going to send you the tracking number, then they’re going to tell your customer, I shipped out the item but you’re not going to be able to upload a tracking number for it, so that’s really the issue with drop shipping from eBay to eBay.

Question#32: Where do I find the tracking number I made a sale today?

After making the sale you want to them buy the item from your sources website let’s say it’s Walmart, place the order in Walmart and then in a few days hopefully less than that they will email you the tracking number then you just have to upload the tracking number to eBay.

Question#33: What sources you can drop ship from?

We drop ship from other retailers websites, so Walmart, Homedepot, Amazon, Bangood, Aliexpress and basically any online retailer you can use as a source to drop ship from, you’ve got to go slowly at first in case they don’t like drop shippers so you don’t have too many orders that you then have to cancel on eBay because you can’t fulfill them on this sources websites, so just something to keep in mind!

Question#34: What do you do under the circumstances that a customer buys an item and when you go to drop ship it, it is out of stock?

Obviously that can be very concerning but the first thing I would do, I will look on another website, see if you can find it somewhere else, sometimes you’ll be able to do that and hopefully it’s the same price, hopefully it’s less sometimes it’s just a little bit more money, if you’re unable to find it then you will have to wait a day and see if it comes back into stock this is more helpful if it’s the weekend or the start of the weekend because those don’t count as business days, so it gives you a little bit extra times to wait to see if it comes back into stock, even try contacting the supplier and asking them when is this going to come back into the stack and then let the buyer know that there’s a problem with it you can’t ship it to them but you do anticipate that it will come back in the stock soon do they want to wait for it or do they want to cancel the order and that’s really all you can do. I guess another option that some people do and I’ve tried in the past and it does work although I don’t do anymore, is that you could contact the buyer and say “I’m sorry we may mistake these items, not in stock but here’s a similar item, it’s actually the same price or maybe it’s a little bit more money would you be interested in getting that item” instead and a lot of times they’re very agreeable to that.

Question#35: There’s any software for keywords?

Generally, I and my virtual assistants do not use software for getting keywords, keywords are basically either single words or our sentence or phrase that you think people are going to search, that potential buyers are going to search for when they’re looking for that item. I don’t use any software because I like to be very intuitive about it what would we search for if we are looking for this item and that’s what we would put into the title, we also go through the description of the item on the sources website see if there’s anything in there, but if you want to use a software you can use free one called Title Builder, a lot of listing software’s have them built in like DSM TOOL does have suggestions built in for keywords.

Question#36: PayPal is asking for proof of business, how can I send them invoices as a drop shipper from Amazon to eBay?

A lot of people what they do is they buy things in the Amazon to have them shipped to their house and then they resell them later or they do online arbitrage where they buy it from Amazon ship it to the house and sell on eBay, so those invoices or the receipts from Amazon are adequate for that from PayPal.

Question#37: Can we use 2 cash back websites at once/

No, fortunately that doesn’t work and the reason it doesn’t work has to do with cookies and cookies are something that tracks you online, so basically you can’t use two them at once and these Cashback websites, the one I use is GivingAssistant, the way they work is you go through that website and you’ll get like 2% or 3% back on all your orders that you place through that website when you go through it, but you can’t multiples at once.

Question#38: When did you decide to start your second store and every store after that?

I think you shouldn’t really start a second store until you feel like you’re doing very well with the first one, I wouldn’t start a second one because you think it’s going to like it, if you’re not doing well with your first store, opening a second store I don’t think is going to help you, you should only open a second when you’re already doing all with the first one and you want to try something new, maybe you want to add a new supplier or start trying new suppliers or try a different strategy, you don’t want to mess up your first store, that’s a really good reason to do it, that’s primarily the reason I open a second store originally, now I keep the second one a few stores but the second one that I have opened I leave open because I using that one with new suppliers and I want to keep those separate, it keeps a little bit more organized.

Question#39: I want to use some other suppliers, what other tools are best for using other suppliers?

DSM TOOL is the Repricer and the lister that will quickly help you list items into eBay and then reprice them if the items go up or down in price on the sources websites, so it wants to use other suppliers besides the ones at DSMTOOL supports, what other tools are best for that? So the one I’ve been kind of playing with is called Web Seller Guru, it works with a ton of different suppliers, it works pretty well.

Question#40: Why I can’t make a profit with eBay and I’m operating at a loss right now?

I really encourage you to do in to your settings on whatever Repricer you’re using and really checking what your margins are, it sounds like your margins are too low and that’s the reason why you’re operating at a loss, you want to make sure that you’re covering your eBay fees, your PayPal fees and any other expenses you have so you want to mark that up even a little bit more just for the break even, then obviously you want to make sure that you put in another edit percentages, for your profit also remember you’re getting cash back with websites and with credit cards as well, but you do want to double check those margins and make sure that they are correct it sounds like they are not and that’s the reason why you’re operating at a loss right now.

Question#41: I drop ship from Walmart, so how my virtual assistants supposed to start a return on Walmart?

So two things I want to address with this first of all they don’t have to call in, they can open up a chat with Walmart and they can start the return through the chat, don’t even have to open a chat a lot of times you could start the return just by going to the orders page on Walmart inside your account, is for some reason that doesn’t work you can then open up a chat with them, the other thing I want to mention is that a lot of virtual assistants can call the US.

Question#42: Have you considered dropshipping using Shopify or similar platforms?

I had before that was the first thing I tried to online I didn’t work for me at the time. But know I know it’s possible I make a ton of money selling on Shopify and Amazon FBA because of the mindset that I have to know.

Question#43: Do you recommend to use Target.com for dropshipping?

No, because they also flag resellers and they will ban your account probably, I do know some people how have successfully used Target for years and never had an issue, but I know a lot more people who have been banned.

Question#44: What’s the best way to get buyers to see your listings?

Make sure you have great titles and try to use promote listings if you can.

I hope that you were found your answer in this eBay drop shipping problems post, if not please add your question in the comments below I will answer to it and I will also add it to this list as soon as possible if you find this post helpful just share it with your friends.

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