Is eBay dropshipping dead on 2019? No $1700 Profit First Month Proof

Is eBay dropshipping dead on 2019

Is eBay dropshipping dead on 2019? it was very easy to think when sales are going great, when things are going great with your business that things just keep going, that you won’t have to change anything and your business will continue to grow and do well, but I think a lot of people have seen or at least a few people have seen recently that sales haven’t been great for them that they aren’t exactly where they want them to be and for myself I’ll admit that my sales haven’t been what they were at the beginning of the year, so when this started to happen I started to question what goes on? why aren’t my sales doing as well as they were in the beginning of the year, of course one of the best things to do is to talk to other people, see if it’s impacting them as well and what I’ve learned is that this is not just hitting eBay drop shipping is hitting a lot of people as well and I have also been to talk to people about promoted listing because a lot of dropshippers have reported that they’re promoted listing isn’t doing well on eBay, so it seems to be more of a universal problem than anything else, but of course you always want to know as much as you can, so I went as close to the source as I could calling eBay many times and as I know a lot of people have done as well to check if really eBay dropshipping dead on 2019! whenever sales don’t go well, now the unfortunate thing is that eBay representatives often don’t know exactly what’s going on, but you get to talk to the right representatives because the ones you really want to speak to are these supervisors in the anchor store support, those ones tend to know more than anyone else and speaking to those representatives I have learned a few things, what I have learned is that they are not flagging eBay accounts, eBay drop shipping accounts, I should say and that there’s no way for them to flay eBay drop shipping accounts, now with that said they do have rules on eBay and they expect all sellers on eBay to be following those rules and one those rules has to do with item location representation, they want sellers to accurately describe where the item is located so that when a buyer comes to the platform they’ll be able to see that the item is located in New York, so if they live in New York they would expect that the item would get to them faster because of that.

And the issue here is that as I’ve said this before that is just such a dumb rule if that’s what we’re getting flagged for that, is really stupid in my opinion because it is just not good business to limit sellers to one single location, there is a reason that Amazon ships items from multiple warehouses throughout the United States, there’s a reason that Walmart does it and Homedepot does it and every major retailer does it, because it’s better experienced for the customer, it gets the item to the customer faster because they are able to ship the item from the close set warehouse to the customer, once eBay realizes that this is not good business practice to limit their sellers to one warehouse, I’m hoping they see how stupid it is and will reconsider the fact they are weighing this new rule or not even a new rule as a rule that they’ve had for a while, but I’m hoping that when they see how stupid it is they will reconsider how much emphasis they put on that rule, unfortunately right now they do seem to be enforcing that rule more than they probably should and when they find people violating that they are lowering their rankings, it doesn’t mean that they are banning dropshippers, it doesn’t mean that rankings are going off. The map completely, it’s mean they’re making a little bit more difficult when certain items aren’t accurately described in terms of their item location, this does mean that’s eBay dropshipping dead on 2019? no, it doesn’t because it’s still working and people are still making money from it. What I do a couple of months ago was I actually went back to an old account that I had, this was an account that I had created in January of 2017, it was an account I was using in January, it was doing a lot of sales, then I decided to consolidate my accounts into one, stop listing into it and then over the summer pulled all the items out of it and moved it all the items back to my main account, so this account was not active for a while but it was a very active dropshipping account earlier in the year, so I decided to use that account again and to start listing items into it, using a slightly different strategy than what I’ve been using in the past so I wanted to show what my result is:

eBay dropshipping dead on 2019

as you see in the past 31 days I have done about $10000 in sales on this account (that proof that eBay dropshipping dead on 2019 if just you don’t want work), this one I started basically beginning of October but really technically it was the end of September I started to drop ship into this account again. Some of the unique things I’m doing with this account are; I’m trying to keep the number of items under 1,000, so anytime we get over a 1,000 listings we cut out a bunch because we want to keep it under 1,000, I’m trying to make this store full of just winning products, really solid products that are selling really well and try to keep the size smaller, because of that and you see I’m keeping it in good health, so that’s what the numbers look like, but let me show you the profit because we’re keeping careful track of that as well:

ebay dropshipping dead on 2019-2

so this is spreadsheet we use and that shows that eBay dropshipping still working, where we placed all the orders, from our suppliers and all the returns, so you’ll see that the total cost of goods for the month this was for October, the total sales were $8,222, the cost of goods was $6,000, our fees were little over $1300, cash back credit card about $121 and cash back web site $242, we have some returns, I factored in the returns into the fees as well, but that makes a total profit of around $1,000 for October. For November we have $7,000 sales, $4500 cost of goods, $961 fees, $141 cash back Credit card, $282 cash back web site, $234 returns so let’s put a profit so far at $1,700 profit for this account that we only started really at the end of September. So what am I doing differently with this one really three things; on we’re keeping the items under a thousand trying to keep it small and very manageable and two what we’re doing is I just told my virtual assistant: “this is your store do not ask me any questions, do not ask my advice on anything after the first week it’s completely on you, I want you to run the whole store and if there are any issues you have to figures them out because I’m not going to have time to help you” and she’s been running the whole store, she never messages me, she only messages me when it’s time for her to get paid and she runs the entire thing for me, it was a test and it’s working really well, so in addition to all the cost, you’d have to figure it, you have to also factor in $200 a month for her, she’s working part-time on the store and the cost of the software which is less than $100 because we’re keeping the number of listings low. The third thing I’m having do is I’m not having here just list pretty much any random items, I really want her to do research and find items with higher potential for profit margins, these are of course harder to find it, takes a lot more work and personally I was really impatient with it, but once I pass it off to her, she has a time because I’m paying her to do it, she’s actually doing it and putting in the work and finding these items that have more margins with them and that’s were able to keep the margins for this store higher.
So is eBay dropshipping dead on 2019? no, is still working, it’s still allowed by eBay and even established stores are still doing well, my main accounts still doing well, this new account that I have revived is doing well, in addition you know you look like at things like any online business or any business is going to have ups and downs in it, and it’s very easy to think that when thing aren’t as great as they used to be, as like they were in the golden days, so to speak that means that it just doesn’t work anymore, but the truth is that any business is going to be tough at some point we’re just all about adapting and trying new strategies, and for me one of my strategies here is opening this second account and having it run, in addition to my main account as just another source of income and if if this goes well I’m going to do this on another account and maybe the tricks here is to have just a few smaller accounts, I’m not sure it seems to be working on this account so certainly try it, certainly report back to all of you guys as I learned more and one of the other things I would really like to try and it would be really really helpful for you guys as well as you try some sources that not a lot of other people are dropshipping from, sources that people are afraid to dropship from, that they think is are too much work, those are ones that there’s going to be very little or no competition and that’s where you can really outshine other people, because there is no competition there. So I would love to hear if anyone has any questions about eBay dropshipping or Amazon dropshipping at this point. Please ask the question in comment section of any of my articles. If you still think that eBay dropshipping dead on 2019 please share with us that on comments or contact me I will help you.

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