Dropshipping From Amazon To eBay Still Working Or There’s Other Suppliers

Dropshipping From Amazon To eBay Still Working

Hello dropshippers in this article I’m going to be answering that question I get quite a lot which is what source I use for my eBay store, what sources I would recommend and drop shipping from Amazon to eBay still working? so right now the only source I use is Home Depot and the reason for that what I’m going to be explaining on this post.
First why I love home depot so much? Because they have great items a huge variety of items, when you go to their website their inventory is extremely accurate, so if they say it’s in stock 98% of the time it is, sometimes very rarely you will get email saying this item you ordered was actually back ordered that’s very rarely, Home Depot also allows you to ship to multiple addresses so you can put 10 items in one order and shipped in to multiple addresses and that will allow you to qualify for free shipping on those items, free shipping on Home Depot is $45 enough but you can combine 10 items in one order get free shipping, and still send them to different locations which really great.

They’ll also price match, they ship their items very quickly, usually within two to three days if not the same day not always but most of the time and they have great customer service, all you have to do is go on their website open up a chat and the representative you talk to on the chat can do everything for you, they can price match they can help you find items, they can help you with your purchase, they can help you with returns, returns are very easy on Home Depot because everything can be done through the chat, it means that your VAs will be able to help you with anything that has to do with Home Depot returns or price matching, they don’t have to call up Home Depot on the phone, it a done on the chat from anywhere in the world which is really great, that’s why o love Home Depot, they make it so easy which is why they’re the only source that I use.

Why drop shippers use Home Depot as a source:

home depot supplier ebay dropshiping
Source: Homedepot.com

– Great items with a huge variety
– Inventory is very accurate
– Combined and free shipping
– Price match
– They ship quickly
– Great customer service (Can get everything done over chat – great for VAs)
– Great return policy
– Easy returns

Let me talk about some of the other sources I have tried and why I don’t use them first is Amazon, obviously dropshipping from amazon to eBay is good because Amazon has amazing customer service and a huge variety of items if you get prime membership it’s free shipping and the prices are very competitive however they’re very saturated on eBay, a lot of people are using Amazon as a source they also don’t price match and there’s software out there that’s built by drop shippers, that will scrape you store, so if you list something from amazon it will copy your listing and price it just a little bit cheaper so they buyer will buy it from you instead of from the other person but then you’re getting into bidding war with these other eBay dropshippers and nobody’s making money on it, that the main reason I don’t use them, the second reason I don’t use them is because a lot of times they ship with their own shipping service, their own amazon shipping service and your tracking number you will not be able to be upload into eBay, if it’s like a two hundred dollar item and you ship it to the customer they can say they never got it and you don’t have a tracking number to prove you do, so you can get in a lot of trouble with that, that’s why I don’t use amazon.

Why drop shippers use Amazon or don’t use it as a source:

amazon to ebay dropshiping
Source: Amazon.com


– Amazing customer service
– Huge variety of items
– Free shipping
– Very Competitive Prices


– Very saturated
– No price matching
– Use Amazon shipping service
– Can’t ship to multiple addresses
– Don’t allow drop-shippers

Lowes.com I’ve tried them, they’re great because they have a wide variety of products, they do price match and they do have free shipping however I’ve had so many trouble so much trouble with their website, I get a lot of error messages and orders not going through of items listed in stock but then a couple of days later you’ll get a call saying it was backordered, a lot of the orders I would place the order everything looks good and then a couple of days later I get a phone call saying your order and everyone through even when orders do go through a lot of times Lowe’s won’t ship out the items, you have to call them and say where’s this item and they’ll say oops i forgot to ship it out and then they’ll ship it out, so it’s a lot of follow-up work a lot of phone calls with them in every phone call you make with them takes at least 20 minutes or 30 minutes to do everything from price-much, we’re finding out where your items are, that have shipped out, it’s just really bad customer service, they like Home Depot have a chat but the people on the chat can’t do any of this stuff fo you, they can only help you place the orders os they can’t help you with all this other stuff so that’s why I don’t use Lowes.com, just too much of a mess too much follow-up work, too much asking where’s this order where’s this item that has should have shipped out, then I get angry customers, customers leaving bad reviews so that’s why I don’t use Lowes.com.

Why drop shippers use Lowes or don’t use it as a source:

lowes to ebay dropshipping
Source: Lowes.com


– A large variety of products
– Price match
– Free shipping


– Often get error messages when ordering items on the website
– items will be listed in stock when they’re not – Lowe’s won’t tell you
– Orders failed a lot
– Items often not shipped out (have to call Lowe’s to have them ship it)
– Often don’t get shipping emails
– Terrible Customer gets an invoice
– Don’t get return emails

I’ve tried overstock as well, they have a lot of products, they also price match, they have free shipping and great coupons that they’ll email you, however, there are products just never sold well in my store and I think it’s because their price really high even though they do price match, the initial price is just too high, so customers don’t buy them.

Why drop shippers use Overstock or don’t use it as a source:

overstock to ebay drosphipping
Source: Overstock.com


– Lots of products
– Price match
– Free Shipping
– Great saving


– Their products don’t sell well
– Price high to start

Walmart.com I’ve tried a little bit, they have a huge variety of items, I think they’re just a little too saturated on eBay, that’s doesn’t mean they’re not impossible, you check out Jack Pitman’s youtube channel you’ll see that he only uses Walmart, it’s a very easy source, very great customer service, I think it’s not something I’m interested in because I such good luck with Home Depot and just because Walmart’s so saturated.

Why drop shippers use Walmart or don’t use it as a source:

walmart to ebay drosphipping
Source: Amazon.com

– Only used it a little
– Huge variety of items
– But saturated

The last one that I’ve tried is Target.com they have extremely fast shipping, they have free shipping with the red card and 5% off with a red card if you don’t know what the red card just definitely looks into it, it’s free, it’s a debit card, not a credit card although you can get a credit card, but I have the debit card so, with the debt card they won’t run my credit, the drawbacks of Target is that they’ll shut down your account if they find out you are a drop-shipper, hasn’t happened to me but I know it’s happened to other people, they don’t have a huge variety of items, some items won’t ship out unless the order is at least $25 and they don’t allow shipping to multiple addresses and everything you order comes in Target box or bag although there’s no invoice, so the customer will know it’s from Target, so they also don’t ship to the eBay Global shipping program facility, so you can’t ship these items to international customers but they are a great backup.

Why drop shippers use Target or don’t use it as a source:

target to ebay dropshipping
Source: Target.com


– Very fast shipping
– Free shipping with the red card
– 5% OFF with red card


– Shut down drop shipping accounts
– Not a huge variety
– Some items don’t ship on orders under $25
– Come in a target box or bag

So that’s why I don’t use any of these other sources, I forgot to say that Lowes.com will also include an invoice in the box so your customer will know exactly how much less you paid for the item, then they pay for the item and that led to a lot of angry customers, when I tried using them, so this is why I love Home Depot so much however you can do drop shipping from Amazon to eBay if Home Depot is out of stock. I need to source from where else but Home depot really has a fantastic customer service and a really great experience which is why I always use them, so guys if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below I’ll answer them, if you have any suggestions for other articles leave them below, we’re going to be making new post, please subscribe to my newsletter if you’re interested to get the newest post on your email.

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