Why eBay Dropshippers Use This 11 Chrome Extensions

eBay Dropshippers Chrome Extensions

In this post, I will show you all the chrome extensions that I use to run my eBay and Amazon dropshipping businesses and make sure to stick around to the end because there’s one chrome extension in particular that I think you need to be using because if you don’t, you could get really screwed. So before we dive into what the chrome extensions are that I use, I know there might be some of you who aren’t familiar with what these are, so what is chrome extension? According to the Google website, they are small software programs that customize the browsing experience on google chrome. They enable users to change the way the browser works, usually it’s designed to fulfill a single purpose, basically, the way that I think of it is that they are little hacks to make your life easier.

1# Clip history

The first extension is called Clipboard History, and the really cool thing about this one is that, let’s say you copy some text and then later on, you remember you also want to copy other text and then you lost the first copy, so if you click clipboard history it shows you full history of everything that you copied, whatever it was in the browser or another browser so really powerful, it saved me in a lot of situations where I meant to paste the link somewhere, past whatever I copied somewhere else forgot to do it, you can easily go back and see your whole copy history. But before I show you all these extensions I will show you how to find google chrome extensions:


chrome extension download


chrome extension 2


chrome extension 3

2# Last pass extension

lastpass chrome extension

This is a really powerful tool because it saves all your passwords inside on online vault and that vault has one password for it, so all you have to do is remember one password to enter into that vault you don’t have to remember your different password for every single website, and the really cool thing about it is that when you go to the website that has the password saved for it, it will automatically fill the password for you, now google chrome does this for you automatically, it has it built in, I trust last pass bit more than, I think it’s a bit more secure, so I don’t save my passwords to google chrome but I save them inside LastPass, you can also access this from any browser so if I’m changing, if I’m going to another computer all I have to do is login to LassPass to get all my passwords back on that computer, the cool thing about it is that it will recommend stronger passwords for you’re on a new website and you signing up for the first time, it will recommend a password for you that’s suer secure, so you’re not using your pets name for your passwords, it’s will use a real strong password then it save that password for you, so you don’t have to worry about remembering it, this extension is really secure very safe and that’s the one that I use.

3# Auto DS extension

auto ds

This is software eBay drop shipping, list items onto eBay and Reprice them if the price changes on the supplier’s website. Most of the repricing and listing software have their own chrome extensions. Every reprices lister pretty has their own chrome extension but they all do something slightly different.

4# Price blink

priceblink coupon

What price blink do? This extension will show you if an item is available on any other website for cheaper (if it didn’t work just change the product), when you will use it you will save money, you could see if there are items cheaper on another website.

5# Giving Assistant and Simply Best Coupon

giving assistant extension

If you want to order from Walmart, for example, you can use this 2 extensions to save even more money on all your orders, and That’s giving assistant chrome and the simply best coupon chrome extension these are cashback websites. Normally the way cashback websites (example coupons.com) work is, you go to the cashback website and then you choose your suppliers for example Walmart, any purchase you make you would get three and a half percent back, well these chrome extensions cut out a step for us because all you have to do is click “activate” it will tell you that you can go ahead, place your purchase and you’re going to get cash back for that website.So instead of going through the giving assistant website or the simply best coupon website, I can just click that chrome extension and it does the same thing, so really powerful, there as well I say because it saves you a lot of time

6# Spot N Paste

spot n past

This extension will allow you to quickly copy buyers addresses from eBay and paste them quickly into your supplier’s website. You can watch many videos about that on youtube.

7# Permanent Clipboard

permanent clipboard extension

This extension will help you really with customers service and answering customer request, this works in Gmail and inside eBay messages.I’m sure you frequently found that you’re answering the same customer questions over and over again. Hopefully, you have scrips that you just copy and paste from, but you still have to get to that document copy and then paste over, so to save you a step, you can use a permanent clipboard. So let’s say a customer asks you why this item come in a Home Depot box and you will type the appropriate response ” Because I’m dropshipper”, after that you can save this response and use it when a customer asks you the same question. So that’s the way it works, saves me a lot of time and I send that also to my virtual assistant to use.

8# Simple Gmail Notes

simple gmail notes

This one’s really useful because if I open up an email and because I have this chrome extension already added I get a yellow box where I can add notes. where can you use this tool? For me I can keep track of things in my email, I have also virtual assistant helping me with email so I write notes to here, she writes notes back to me so it is pretty useful to have that.

9# Lightshot

lightshot chrome extension

When you click this chrome extension it opens up in a new tab and then you open up this new tab you can just use your mouse to select an area and it takes a screenshot of it, so what the benefit of this, when most computers have screenshot technology built into it, so what I would I love about it is you can add notes to it, then you can upload it, then I get a link that I can send to anyone they’ll see the screenshot, so this really cool to use because it’s really fast but for me I use this for information that’s not sensitive because there is no way for you to really control it or keep it private, so I mean I guess if you send anyone a screenshot through it like email, they could send it out to whoever they want to, this just really fast but it is on the web so I wouldn’t use like sense take pictures of sensitive information. You can use this cool thing when you want to tell your virtual assistants things, or when you talk to someone about where something is, you can just send the screenshot and it works really well for that.

10# Screencastify

scresencastify screen recorder

Is something similar to Lightshot but you can take screen recordings, similar where it uploads it to a website, actually uploads it to your google drive and then you can send someone the link to google drive, I have screen recording software on my computer that actually works better than this but for something quick if a VA (virtual assistant) have a question I’ll use this extension because it’s just so quick and because it does upload to my google drive I can always delete later, so it’s a little more safer in that way.

11# NordVPN

nordvpn chrome extension

This is the important extension that I mentioned before, I think everyone needs to be using, because if you’re not, you could really get yourself screwed, is not free, they might have like a free version but is better to pay for it, this will protect your computer when you’re on a public WI-FI so I use this when I’m on at the library when I’m in a coffee shop, I think it’s really important, you’re dealing with financial information here when you’re running a business you’re logging into your eBay account, Amazon account, your bank accounts and of course you don’t want that information being sent through public WI-FI, this will protect you. I think the Nord VPN works really well personally I think it’s worth paying money to get one that you know is going to work well if it gives you that protection.

So there you go those are all the chrome extensions I use to run my eBay and Amazon dropshipping businesses. If I didn’t mention one that you use, let me know in the comments section of this post, I love trying new chrome extensions, that kind of geek out over them, so let me know which ones you’re using so I can check them out and other people can learn from them and I personally read every single comment on all my posts, so definitely leave a comment I would love to hear from you. If you love this post or found one of these extensions helpful that you didn’t know about, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more content about eBay and Amazon dropshipping.


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