Aliexpress Dropshipping Guide 2019 Which Products Should You Avoid?

Aliexpress Dropshipping Guide 2019

Hey guys, in this article I’m going to be warning you about 5 Aliexpress products that you should not be selling in your dropshipping store because you will regret it. Now for some of these items, they are just simply not suitable for drop shipping, and so when you come to ship the item out to your customer, you will lose money, and for some of these items, they are going to look good on the surface, but if you try to advertise them, you are going to regret that you chose them in the first place.

So, to find out what those five items are? So that you don’t try to sell them yourself keep reading this article.

The first Product# Should You Avoid: Doing Aliexpress Dropshipping is:

Aliexpress Products to AVOID

The reason why you would regret trying to drop ship this item is you are not allowed to run Facebook ads to advertise it, sex toys are banned. I choose this item for this article because I have received emails from beginners before I write this article, they said to me; “Surely this would be regret niche, it has tons of demand, right?” so they poured hours into setting up the perfect store for it, only to discover that when they come time to run Facebook ads for it, that they couldn’t do it, and so the way that they has planned to drive sales and traffic to this store disappeared, and all their work went down the drain. It’s not just sex toys that have banned either any sort of products relating to tobacco are not allowed to be advertised, promoting products relating to drugs is strictly band, weapons and ammunition are not allowed to be advertised. Of course, everyone immediately thinks of guns and knives, but paintball and airsoft fall into this category too. And did you know that surveillance cameras are also banned? Yes, some items like bongs are very obvious pieces, but most people don’t think about the fact that surveillance equipment would also be banned.

Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t run a successful store in controversial niches like this, but it’s going to be a lot more challenging. I’ve got a friend that has made tens of millions of dollars in the e-cigarettes niches, but it hasn’t been easy because advertising this type of item is always restricted on any advertising platform. So, how did he do it? Well at the time he discovered a form of paid advertising that would allow him to run ads, yes Reddit ads, he did it, it worked and it made them a ton of money, but for most of you out there getting started, I suggest that you pick a niche that is allowed to be advertised on Facebook and to use that as your traffic source.

The Second Product# Should You Avoid: Doing Aliexpress Dropshipping is:

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 1

The reason why you would regret dropship this guitar mug is because of the fact that it is expensive, I’d recommend that most beginners don’t why?

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 2

Well, because each of these products is actually quite expensive to dropship on Aliexpress. The guitar mug is a great product, but unfortunately it’s just a bit too expensive for most beginners to drop ship because  it costs about $9, in this blog we’ve talked about the importance of picking products that, when advertised on Facebook, are going to make people want impossibly purchase them for easier sales. The sweet spot for pricing for that is to keep your items below $15, and if you want to do that, then I recommend that you choose products that cost no more than $5 to dropship, and that includes the cost of the shipping, that way you have a big enough of a margin to make a profit after paying for both the item and the advertising costs. But, while this item may not be a great front end product to be adverting on Facebook, it has amazing upsell potential.

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 4

For example, if you were successfully dropshipping this guitar ring on Facebook, it would be worth testing the guitar mug as an up sale.

The Third Product# Should You Avoid: Doing Aliexpress Dropshipping is:

ducts to AVOID whendropshipping 4

The reason why you would regret trying to dropship these hippo storage stools, which are now really important for me, is they are to lodge and those not eligible for  ePacket shipping, as we talked on this blog before it is crucial, especially if you are a beginner  to focus on shipping to countries that have fast, efficient shipping options like the USA, and of course the super-fast shipping option to the United States is ePacket, and that was a shipping created by China and the USA to encourage Americans to purchase small, low-cost items from China, the total height, width, and length of ePacket shipments cannot exceed 90cm and the longest side cannot exceed 60cm and the weight cannot 2kg, which I believe is 4.5 pounds

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 5

So, unfortunately, our adorable hippo storage stools are not going to fit inside in an ePacket package.

You might have noticed though, that there are quite a few large items being sold on Aliexpress with ePacket shipping.

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 6

For example, there are lots of big teddy bears that are being sold that are eligible for ePacket shipping. How on earth does this fit inside and ePacket package? well, it’s because they aren’t selling these teddy bears stuffed, they are selling them as bears skins, which you can stuff beans yourself at home, so you can still sell big items through ePacket shipping as long as the items are collapsible, and unfortunately, our adorable hippos stools are not.

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 8

The Fourth Product# Should You Avoid: Doing Aliexpress Dropshipping is:

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 8

This time it’s not just on the product that you would regret drop shipping, it’s a particular niche of products that you would regret building your store around, and the niche is West Highland white Terries, otherwise known as Westies. Why would you regret choosing this niche and these items?

I absolutely love dogs, but unfortunately, I travel a bit too much, to keep my own one, which is why I like to spoil my parent’s dog instead, Reki. If I tried to build a dropshipping store around him, he probably wouldn’t make me much money because, unfortunately, he is just too niche. Why?

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 9

Well, because the Westie niche doesn’t have a lot of market depth. There are only a handful of products that are getting 50 plus orders, the more items you see in a niche getting 50 plus orders, the greater the sign that there is a lot of market depth, and that you will be able to find multiple winning items in it. But there is something else too, as we discussed in this blog before you might have an ad that is doing super-hot and making you tons of sales, but over time what can happen is that your ad can become saturated and die out. Now, when this happens, it’s a good idea to pause the ad and then run it again a few months later, but in the meantime, if you had no other winning products to bring in money well you would go back to earning nothing, I remember once getting an email from a newsletter Meshrange subscriber that had found the winning item that was making them over$10,000 every month, and when they found this item, they kicked back and they relaxed because they had tons of money flowing in. That was until the ad stopped converting, unfortunately for them, because they had not kept testing new products, they had none to fall back to, so they went back to making $0 a day. Now, he learned his lesson, but unfortunately, he learned it a little bit too late, so don’t make his mistake. Pick a niche that has plenty of market depth so that you can find multiple winning items.

The Final Product# Should You Avoid: Doing Aliexpress Dropshipping is:

Aliexpress Products to AVOID whendropshipping 10

The reason why you would regret dropshipping this item is it cost more than $5 once you count for ePacket shipping. You see the item and it costs $4 to $5 and you’re like “oh, I found the perfect item, it’s a great price”, but that $5 limit needs to include the cost of shipping, and in this case, the ePacket shipping is an additional $2.35, which pushes the total price well above $5 a unit.

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