Welcome to my blog!

I’m Michael Pistone, the author of all the posts you’ll find here.

Meshrange.com is the platform where I share my experiences, ideas, thoughts, and strategies with other drop shippers selling products on eBay and Amazon or are planning to lunch profitable drop shipping business. In this blog, you will find the answer to all your questions to start your way as a seller. If you check the start here page you will find links to all the post that you need.

Who I am?

Well, I would call myself a Top Righted eBay drop shipper, after many months and years I develop strategies to create a profitable and efficient drop shipping business. The first day I struggled because I just didn’t know how to properly create a listing, find retailers or get buyers to my listings. But, I have perfected my methods and now you get to learn from my countless hours of trial and error. After this 5 years on eBay and Amazon I learned many skills but without entrepreneurial spirit it was difficult to stay focused on what I need to be done, so I change my mindset, worked late nights, ignored parties, and I was patient and happy while doing all this and today I decided to share with you all my experience on this.

When I start I was working like many salaries in the company doing what my boss wants not what I want. However, I spent a few hours every day during my break and evenings learning the English language (because I’m from an Arabic country) and how to build a successful store on eBay.

I was the kid how started to make money from a very young age, my first venture was creating WordPress blogs and sell it on Fiverr also I create many startups on the web and I monetize them with AdSense and other CPC and CPA advertising companies. My parents didn’t give us (5 kids) much money at all, so I just came up with ideas on how to earn it on my own. It really wasn’t that hard, to be honest as for a young boy like me a dream come true was getting an Xbox so I didn’t need any more motivation.

Now I do drop shipping full time and teach others how to do that, I can enjoy all my free and live the life I have always wanted by traveling, spending time with my family, getting the car and the house that I want and saving for my future.

Before I started drop shipping on eBay I had no idea what I was doing but after many months of trial and errors, I perfect a system that has generated over a million dollars in sales for me. So I decided to share with you everything for free so you can succeed like me because I’m not smarter than you. In my blog you will learn how to make money online even if you’ve never done it before, open your store on eBay even if you don’t have much money and get started even if you don’t know how.

eBay Dropshippping is my favorite business model to earn money online why? Because it’s simple and powerful where you can sell items without actually holding any stock which means without any $1 investment, just you open an eBay store and start selling your items to buyers around the world. But I also use Amazon FBA and Shopify to sell online.

Still, eBay drop shipping work for new beginners? 100% yes, people are too busy or don’t have an idea about the price of other stores. So they go directly to eBay find your listing then purchase one or two products from you. And this is a screenshot of my sales this month where I sold $61,856.35 this month so if follow my tips and you read carefully what I write for you here in my blog you will get the same result because as I said before I’m not smarter than you.

Finally, I want to end this story by wishing you the same result one day, so you can wait for the weekend to end so you can get back early Monday morning. And keep in mind if you love what you do you’ll never work a single day in your life.